How To Fix Grainy Caramel Sauce? (6 Ways)

how to fix grainy caramel sauce
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how to fix grainy caramel sauce

For everyone with a sweet tooth, caramel sauce is the ultimate dream. Be it topping the popcorns or ice cream, brownies, or the cinnamon rolls; caramel sauce is the right choice for optimizing the fine combination between mild sweetness and saltness. With this being said, if you were trying your hands on making caramel sauce and cursing yourself for ditching Hershey, you need to stop right away. Well, this is because we know how to fix grainy caramel sauce. So, let’s get that smooth texture back!

How To Fix Grainy Caramel Sauce?

1. Corn Syrup

If you were using sucrose or plain sugar to make the caramel sauce, it starts caramelizing after cooling down, leading to that grainy texture. In this case, it suggested that you add some corn syrup. The corn syrup will inhibit the crystallization of sugar, promising the smooth texture. However, if you don’t have corn syrup, you can use the organic honey to get rid of the issue.

2. Flame Matters

Whenever the recipe involves sugar and sweetness, everyone knows how low flame is the right choice. This is because if you use the high flame setting, the sugar tends to get brown, and crystals are created. With this being said, you need to keep scraping the caramel sauce while cooking it and make sure that you keep scraping the pan (during cooking).

The low flame setting saves the caramel sauce from overcooking, hence protecting it from crystallization. Even more, some experts say that undercooking can lead to crystallization as well. So, the minimum temperature should be 234-degrees Fahrenheit, at least. As for scraping the sides during the cooking, you should use the wet pastry brush. Last but not least, don’t scrap the side while pouring the caramel sauce in the jar.

3. Lemon

When life gives you lemons, add some in the caramel sauce to save it from crystallization (well, this helps for sure). So, if you were cooking the caramel sauce and there are crystals appearing, we suggest adding one teaspoon of lemon juice will stop the crystallization right away. However, if you don’t have a lemon or lemon juice, you can add a drop or two of glycerin, and it serves the purpose just right.

4. Put On The Lid

If you see the crystals in the initial stage, you should put the lid on the pot for around three minutes. This will make sure that all the crystals are dissolved in the caramel sauce and are thoroughly mixed out.

5. Glucose Syrup

For the people making caramel syrup from the plain sugar, adding the crystallization inhibitor will play an important role. These inhibitors will inhibit the crystallization process, and the texture will be all smooth. With this being said, you can use the glucose syrup as the inhibitor because it’s readily available.

6. Peanuts

Well, who would have thought that peanut will be the last resort to optimize the consistency of the texture and reduce the grainy outlook? Well, it does play a positive role. So, when the caramel sauce is in the middle part, just toss in some peanuts, and the crystals will be taken care of.

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