How To Cook Frozen French Fries In The Ninja Foodi?

how to cook frozen french fries in the ninja foodi
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how to cook frozen french fries in the ninja foodi

The Ninja Foodie boasts efficiency and supreme flexibility. The pressure cooker that crisps can cook up so many meals with minimal effort that it shines as one of the best multipurpose kitchen appliances available.

Anyone familiar with this versatile cooker knows first-hand just how easy it makes mealtimes but did you know you can make fries as well?

Here’s a look at exactly how to cook frozen french fries in your Ninja Foodi. You’ll never cook up a plate of everyone’s favorite carbs in the same way again.

How to Cook Frozen French Fries in the Ninja Foodi?

Cook Frozen French Fries
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Frozen french fries are a go-to snack for countless people around the world. When perfectly cooked, it’s hard to stop eating crispy, tasty french fries once you’ve started.

Follow these instructions to make sure that they come up store-bought or better every time you whip up a batch in your Nina Foodi. Similar instructions should work for most air fryers available.

How to cook French fries in an air fryer:

Step 1:

Turn on your Ninja Foodi. Select air fry mode. Preheat the air fryer.

Step 2:

Lightly coat the French fries in oil and salt according to taste.

Step 3:

Place the French fries in the air fry basket, dispersing them evenly.

Step 4:

Cook the fries at 400°F for roughly 15 minutes. After approximately 7 ½ minutes, pause cooking and toss the fries, rotating their position within the air fryer.


Air frying tips for French fries

Air frying tips for French fries
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Keep these air frying tips for French fries in mind, and you’ll always have restaurant-quality fries:

  • Use as little oil as possible – the less, the better.
  • Watch your fries and cook until they’re as crispy as you want them.
  • Salt French fries before or after cooking.
  • Cook up small batches at a time without overcrowding to guarantee even cooking and crispiness.
  • Add toppings, herbs and sauces after your fries are cooked.

Even though you can add salt anytime during the cooking process, most foodies recommend that you wait until after. This ensures that the salt crisps up each fry evenly while preventing them from becoming saturated and too salty.

Baking frozen French fries in the Ninja Foodi

Baked French fries are a healthier alternative to those who want to limit their fat intake.

The Ninja Foodi is a convection oven, using a fan to circulate a balanced amount of heat throughout the unit, which provides a thorough cook.

Follow conventional baking instructions to bake in the Ninja Foodi but reduce the advised temperature by 25 degrees.

The circulation makes less heat needed to bake food perfectly. Follow these steps to bake up a batch of Frozen french fries:

Step 1:

Turn on your Ninja Foodi. Select ‘Bake/Roasting’ mode and preheat your air fryer.

Step 2:

Lightly coat the air fryer basket in oil.

Step 3:

Place the frozen French fries in the basket, dispersing them evenly.

Step 4:

Bake for roughly 15 to 25 minutes, flipping every 5 to 7 minutes to change their position in the air fryer.


How to cook French fries from fresh in the Ninja Foodi

How to cook French fries from fresh
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Frozen French fries sure are quick and convenient, but if you’ve got a craving and a bag of potatoes on hand, it only takes a little more effort for similar results.

Some won’t have their fries any other way other than freshly sliced. Peel your potatoes and slice up your fries. Toss them in cooking oil (olive oil is recommended.)

Put your Ninja Foodi in Air Crisp mode at 400°F. If you’re baking thick French fries instead of the traditional thin ones, turn the temperature to 375°F. Place the chips in the basket, and seal the air fryer.

Cook for four to five minutes at a time, turning to ensure an even cook. Within 20 to 25 minutes, you’ll have crispy French fries.

The best way to cook frozen French fries in a Ninja Foodi

We recommend using the conventional air frying method instead of baking your French fries because you end up with a crispier, tastier final product.

Air frying is already low-fat, using a minimal amount of oil. It’s also the most reliable way to ensure that your fries are on par or better than your favorite restaurants and fast food outlets.

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