Ninja Air Fryer Beeping: 4 Ways To Fix

Ninja Air Fryer Beeping
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Ninja Air Fryer Beeping

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Heart diseases have become quite common in recent years. Even young people are falling victim to cardiac problems. It is about time that people start making lifestyle changes to keep themselves safe. One of the things that can keep people safe is giving up on frying food items in oil.

Incorporating oily stuff into your daily diet can have a negative effect on your health in the long run. Fortunately for all food lovers, there is an excellent alternative to oil frying, air frying. Modern air fryers can prepare crispy and delicious meals for you that won’t have a negative impact on your health.

More and more people are buying air fryers so they can adopt a healthy lifestyle. Air fryers are not only good for saving you from heart problems, but they can also help you with maintaining your weight.

Ninja Foodi is a trusted name when it comes to kitchen appliances. Their multi-purpose appliances are loved by consumers all over the US. Ninja air fryers have become the talk-of-the-town for the perfect cooking performance. These air fryers are pretty easy to use.

The Ninja Foodi air fryer can handle everything from pressure cooking and slow cooking to air frying and broiling. But some users have been complaining about the constant beeping of the Ninja Foodi air fryer.

The continuous beeping of an appliance can be really frustrating. So with this article, we are sharing what this beeping means and how you can fix it!

Ninja Air Fryer Beeping

Ninja Air Fryer Beeping
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Ninja Air Fryer Beeping

Most modern cooking appliances beep when the food is ready, or a function is complete. For instance, a microwave starts beeping once the timer on it reaches zero to indicate that your food has been heated.

This feature is not just limited to kitchen appliances. An automatic washing machine also starts beeping once it has finished cleaning and drying your laundry.

According to the official manual, the Ninja air fryer beeps when the food is cooked. In simpler words, when you start the cooking function, and it completes, the air fryer makes a beeping sound. But what happens if your appliance starts beeping randomly? That can indicate a problem.

Unfortunately, you cannot fix the issue before figuring out the reason behind the beeping. There are some reasons that we have mentioned below which can cause the beeping sound, along with the troubleshooting methods!

1. Power Circuit Issues

Power Circuit Issues
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Power Circuit Issues

When it comes to electrical appliances, power issues are more common than you think. Sometimes, a wire breaks from the inside, and it takes a while until people realize it.

The power supply can get interrupted and keep an appliance from working correctly. A power issue sometimes can be simple and indicate that there is nothing wrong with the appliance itself.

If the air fryer is beeping even if the cooking function isn’t complete, there are chances of a power circuit issue. This is because when the power circuits become short or fused, it keeps sending unwanted electric signals.

These electric signals can often cause constant beeping. If you suspect that power circuit issues are causing constant beeping, you need to take out the power plug.

It's best to call a professional
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It’s best to call a professional

Fluctuation in voltage can cause circuit issues. If the circuit is damaged, there is nothing you can do on your own. It is better to let the professionals handle electrical problems to save your appliance from getting damaged further.

If the Ninja air fryer is in warranty, you should call the Ninja customer support. Customer support will be able to provide better assistance. If the appliance has suffered irreparable damage, they will send a replacement.

But if the air fryer can be repaired, they will ask you to send it to their office. In case the warranty of the air fryer has expired, you can take it to the local electric technician as they can fix the power circuit issues for you.

2. Reboot

Reboot your air fryer
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Reboot your air fryer

Whenever our mobile phones stop working or begin to function slowly, we reboot them. Turning a device off and then on is the oldest trick in the book. This trick works for all modern appliances. But it won’t work every time.

However, there is no harm in rebooting a device to check if it resolved the issue you were facing or not.The easiest yet most effective solution for fixing the beeping with the Ninja air fryer is to reboot it. In this case, the users are required to take out the power plug.

When users remove the power plug, the beeping should stop. After waiting for five to ten minutes, you can put in the power plug and restart the cooking function. Again, it should stop the beeping!

It is important to remember that your hands should be dry while removing the power plug. If you touch the power plug with wet hands, it can give you an electric shock. So keeping the power plug dry is also important for the safety of your appliance.

It's best to let your air fryer rest
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It’s best to let your air fryer rest

Whether you are dealing with a beeping Ninja air fryer or a stuck computer, rebooting is the first step you should try. Sometimes, a device needs a short break to restart itself again. Turning it off and on again can give it the power to start functioning correctly.

The Ninja air fryer may have started beeping because of a serious issue, but rebooting your appliance won’t cause any damage to it. So, before you try any other fixes, you should reboot your Ninja Foodi air fryer.

If the Ninja air fryer continues to beep after the rebooting, then your appliance might have a serious issue that only a professional can fix.

3. Press The Buttons

Press The Buttons
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Press The Buttons

Some appliances come with a built-in button sequence for different problems. When you press two or more buttons in a sequence, it can fix an issue. But it is important to know which sequence is for what issue.

A manual is often helpful in teaching you about these things. For example, if your Ninja Foodi air fryer is constantly beeping, you can go through the manual to see if there is any solution.

A simple button sequence can be used for fixing the beeping of your Ninja Foodi air fryer. This button sequence has become a promising solution.

The buttons comprise holding the minus buttons on temperature and time. Unfortunately, both the time and temperature have minus signs on the buttons, and users need to press them simultaneously. In addition, you need to press and hold these buttons for around three seconds.

As a result, the beeping sound will switch off. However, it will switch off the air fryer too, so just switch it back on like usual. The button sequence has been helpful to some customers who were dealing with the constant beeping of their Ninja air fryer.

However, there is a chance that the button sequence will not resolve the issue, and the beeping will continue. The beeping can stop momentarily and start again. If that’s the case, you will have to try other troubleshooting methods.

4. Timer

In some cases, the malfunctioned timer is the prime reason that’s causing the beeping sound. When the timer is out of order, it might beep before the cooking function is complete. If you have checked all other issues, it’s time to check the timer.

For resolving the timer-related issue, the users need to get in touch with Ninja customer support. This is because they can replace the timer for you. A timer is very important on appliances like the air fryer. They can help people with cooking and let them know when to check on the food.

Every little accessory in an appliance is equally important, which is why if the timer gets damaged, it will affect the whole machine. For example, if the timer of your Ninja air fryer gets damaged, it will subject you to constant beeping and keep you from cooking in the appliance.

Also, without a timer, you will have difficulty keeping track of the cooking time. So, if you notice something’s wrong with the timer, get it changed as soon as possible.


It's important to read the manual book
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It’s important to read the manual book

The beeping sound of an air fryer brings comfort and happiness to people. They know it indicates that their meal is ready. But this sweet sound can become annoying if it does not stop at all. When the beeping continues even when your food is not ready, that can indicate a problem with the appliance.

With the help of a few basic fixes, you can try to get over this issue. There is a high chance that you will solve the issue by following the steps mentioned above. But if the issue looks serious and does not get resolved easily, you should contact customer support.

You can also ask for a replacement if there’s time left in your warranty. Once you get a new appliance, you can start cooking delicious meals in it again for you and your family.

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