Ninja Air Fryer Beeping: 4 Ways To Fix

ninja air fryer beeping
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ninja air fryer beeping

Ninja air fryers have become the talk-of-the-town for the perfect cooking performance. These air fryers are designed with ease of use. On the other hand, some users are complaining about the Ninja air fryer beeping, and it can be really frustrating. With this article, we are sharing what this beeping means and how it can be fixed!

Ninja Air Fryer Beeping

According to the official manual, the Ninja air fryer beeps when the food is cooked. In simpler words, when you start the cooking function, and it completes, the air fryer makes a beeping sound. On the contrary, there are some reasons that we have mentioned below, along with the troubleshooting methods!

1) Power Circuit Issues

In case the air fryer is beeping even if the cooking function isn’t complete, there are chances of a power circuit issue. This is because when the power circuits become short or fused, it keeps sending unwanted electric signals. These electric signals can often cause constant beeping. If you suspect that there are power circuit issues that are causing constant beeping, you need to take out the power plug.

If the Ninja air fryer is in warranty, you should call the Ninja customer support. The customer support will be able to provide better assistance. In some cases, they might send a replacement or ask you to send the air fryer for repair. On the contrary, if the air fryer isn’t in warranty, you can take your air fryer to the electric technician as they can handle the power circuit issues.

2) Reboot

Here comes the easiest yet the most effective solution for fixing the beeping with Ninja air fryer. In this case, the users are required to take out the power plug from the air fryer. When users remove the power plug, the beeping should stop. After waiting for five to ten minutes, you can put in the power plug and start the cooking function again. It should stop the beeping!

3) Press The Buttons

In case the beeping sound is still persistent with the Ninja air fryer, you can use this button sequence. To be honest, this button sequence has become a promising solution. The button sequence comprises holding the minus buttons on temperature and time. Both the time and temperature have minus signs on the buttons, and users need to press them simultaneously.

In addition, you need to press and hold these buttons for around three seconds. As a result, the beeping sound will switch off. However, it can switch off the air fryer, so just switch it on normally.

4) Timer

In some cases, the malfunctioned timer is the prime reason that’s causing the beeping sound. This is because when the timer is out of order, it might beep before the cooking function is complete. If you have checked all other issues, it’s time to check the timer. For resolving the timer-related issue, the users need to get in touch with Ninja customer support. This is because they can replace the timer for you.

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