How Long To Defrost Prime Rib?

how long to defrost prime rib
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how long to defrost prime rib

Want to have beef at dinner? Do not wait anymore. Open the freezer, take out the frozen beef. It seems easy, but it is not as easy it looks. The primary issue while cooking frozen beef is the defrosting of the beef, especially if you will defrost the prime rib meat. 

Like always, if you are here reading our articles, you do not need to worry about defrosting the prime rib. So, give the article a good read and then head to your kitchen for making delicious prime rib.

How Long To Defrost Prime Rib?

Ways and Time Taken to Defrost Prime Rib Quickly

Defrosting prime rib is not a rose of bed. You will have to try hard before defrosting the prime rib, but here we have some smart ways instead of hard ways to defrost the prime rib. The time taken for prime rib to defrost depends entirely on the way that you are applying. The first and foremost way you do not want to try is putting the prime rib out of the freezer and then waiting around 16 hours to defrost it. 

Putting in Warm Water

Now coming towards the proper way, the first thing that you need for defrosting the prime rib is a pot, a stove, and water as required. First of all, heat the water to 140o and then turn off the heat. Because if you will do it with the flame turned on, you will probably end up boiling the prime rib. 

So, turn off the flame and then put the prime rib in a plastic storage bag. Now put the storage bag in the warm water. Keep one thing in mind: do not put the beef in water for more than 45 minutes. Within this period, the prime rib will defrost correctly.

Keeping in the Fridge

The next process is a bit lengthy, but if you have time, then try this method. It is relatively easy to perform. You need to put frozen meat in the fridge instead of a freezer for at least 2 to 3 days for this method. It will naturally defrost your prime rib to a level that is perfect for cooking directly without extra effort.

Thawing with Cold Water

Another method to defrost the prime rib is thawing it with cold water. Placing the prime rib in cold water will eventually hasten the process of defrosting. The reason for thawing the prime rib in cold water is to keep it away from the bacteria. This method will not cost you even an hour.

But, while thawing the prime rib, make sure you are doing it while keeping it sealed. It is one of those methods that will hasten the process of defrosting and will allow you to cook the prime rib quickly.


In the article, you will find some of the methods and the time taken to defrost the prime rib through these methods. The article has covered everything mentioned in the heading. If you need any help, then let us know in the comment box.

how long to defrost prime rib
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