How Long To Cook Beets In A Pressure Cooker?

how long to cook beets in pressure cooker
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how long to cook beets in pressure cooker

Beets, short for beetroots, are purple colored vegetables famous worldwide for its taste and versatility. It is used in salads and can be cooked pairing with other food. It tastes mildly bitter and earthy. That is why you must always complement it with a touch of sweet flavors. You can serve them raw or in roasted, boiled, or grilled form. Similarly, beets can be cooked in a pressure cooker. The texture of the beet is crunchy. When they are cooked, the crunch turns into softness and buttery flavor. The important step in pressure cooking something is the time. So, how long to cook beets in a pressure cooker so that they are not overdone?

Beetroots are highly nutritious, having high amounts of fiber. This aids in digestion and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The major minerals that make a difference are folate, manganese, and iron. The beetroots get their antioxidant property from Vitamin C.

How to pressure cook beets?

Pressure cooking is not a new process. It is a time and energy-saving appliance. The flavors are retained and sometimes even enhanced during the process. You might have pressure cooked meat and beans but not beets. Make sure the beets are not very large, as it will increase its cooking time. The beets are not peeled off before just scrubbed. The cooked beets are soft, and the skin is easily peeled off through fingers. In case the beets are still hard, pressure cook for a few more minutes.

The leafy part is cut off to retain the flavor. Add water to the pressure cooker. Then cook according to the time we have discussed below. The time depends on the size and type of appliance you are using.

How long to cook beets in a pressure cooker?

Conventional stovetop pressure cooker:

Add water that covers half of the beets. The time varies, but a standard time is anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes. You may have to increase the time by 5 minutes if the beetroots are large. Usually, take medium-sized beets so that they can be quickly pressure cooked.

Instant Pot:

The best shot for an Instant Pot is also medium-sized beets. Use a trivet or steamer basket to place them in the Instant Pot. It requires a cup or half of water. The time is variable according to the size. However, for medium-sized beets, 24 to 28 minutes are appropriate. For small-sized 15-20 minutes are required and half an hour for very large beets.  An important tip, make sure all the beets are of the same size as different sizes require different time.

Ninja Foodi:

The process is similar to Instant Pot, but the time is different. Take medium-sized beets, and pressure cook them for 20 minutes. After that, allow a natural release for 10 minutes and end it by manual releasing the pressure.

The time of pressure cooking food is vital. Time determines the texture and flavors of the food. How long to cook beets in a pressure cooker varies from item to item.  The time is variable according to the size of the beets. Time is different in the stovetop, Instant Pot, and Ninja Foodi too. So, choose the one that goes with your need.

how long to cook beets in pressure cooker
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