8 Ways To Fix Fridge Compressor Running But Not Cooling

fridge compressor running but not cooling
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fridge compressor running but not cooling

A fridge or a refrigerator is an important electronic appliance in our home. It helps keep our fruits, vegetables, and other food supplies and drinks cool. But what happens when a fridge compressor is running but not cooling properly. In such cases, many food supplies do not get the required cooling and cause rotting of the food supplies. The compressor problems may also result in exorbitant electricity bills which no one likes to pay.

If you are also facing problems like “fridge compressor running but not cooling” then this article will assist you in finding the solution to your query by providing you with several possible answers to your problem.

How to Fix Fridge Compressor Running But Not Cooling?

  1. Reset The Compressor

A compressor is also called the heart of the fridge as it functions as a pump and assists in the circulation of air inside the refrigerator. When you notice your compressor is running but not cooling then one of the solutions to such a problem is to reset the compressor. Following are some steps to reset the compressor:

  • Deactivate the power of the fridge.
  • Leave the fridge unplugged for a few minutes.
  • Turn the fridge off from the manual control panel.
  • Repeat the same step for the freezer.
  • Switch on the power supply of the refrigerator.
  • Adjust the manual control panel to the required settings.
  • Leave the refrigerator empty for up to one day to stabilize the temperature.
  1. Evaporator Coils Are Damaged

The problem may also arise if the evaporator coils are damaged. The evaporator coils are usually located behind the freezer. The main function of such coils is to produce cold air for your refrigerator.

The damage to these evaporator coils usually occurs when they are frozen. The solution is to simply unplug the refrigerator and wait until all the ice has been melted in the form of water from the evaporator coil. After this, one can turn on the fridge by switching on the power supply. 

  1. Fans Are Not Working

Most commonly, there are three types of fans that affect the compressor namely evaporator fan, condenser fan, compressor fan. The damage to such fans often causes unpleasant sounds and thus, resulting in problems like compressors running but not cooling. 

The Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan is usually located inside the freezer near the evaporator coils. The malfunction of the evaporator fan is usually because of ice overloading of food. If that issue is ice, then one can turn off the fridge, wait for the ice to meltdown, and then turn on the fridge by switching on the power supply.

In case of food overloaded into the compartment, remove the unwanted food from the compartment. If none of these solutions work then replacing the fan with a new one might help solve the problem.

The Compressor And Condenser Fan

The compressor and the condenser fans are located at the back of the fridge behind the panel. Their function is to supply cool air if required. Most of the time, cleaning helps solve the problem but if that does not work then replacement of the fan is required.

  1. Compressor’s Switch On And Off

A bad cable may cause the compressor to switch on and off and thus, cause less cooling. It can cause overloading of the compressor and results in overheating. This causes the compressor to shut down in some fridges. It may also increase the risk of electric shock if it is broken. In such cases, replacing the cable with a new one is the best solution. Wrong thermostat settings may also cause the compressor to switch on and off. This can be solved by adjusting the thermostat to a low temperature.

  1. Compressors Gas Leakage

The gas inside the compressor is the key aspect to keep the temperature of the fridge cool. But sometimes, gas leaks cause an increase in the temperature. This usually occurs if the compressor’s body or pipes leading to the compressor have been worn out or broken. It can also occur if someone moves the fridge when it is turned on or after few minutes of its unplugging. It is preferred to replace the compressor’s body and then refill the gas. It is also suggested that to move the refrigerator, one should unplug it first and wait for one to two hours and then move the fridge. After the movement, again wait for a few hours before plugging in the power supply.

  1. Cleaning Required

In many cases, the thorough cleaning of the refrigerators assists in solving the problems. If the accessible fans are cleaned properly and overloading of food supplies is avoided then there are fewer chances of such problems occurring. Therefore, it is highly suggested to clean the refrigerators properly and melt all the ice while keeping in mind that cleaning should be done when the refrigerator is switched off. Also, the coils can be vacuumed once in a while to attain maximum efficiency. Alternatively, you can also push your fridge away from the wall for better airflow.

  1. Temperature Maintenance

The temperature inside the refrigerator is controlled by the control panel inside the refrigerator or outside the refrigerator in the form of a screen. Usually, if there are kids in the house, they change the temperature control which results in such problems. If the temperature is not set properly then even if the compressor is working fine, still it will not provide enough cooling. Therefore, check the temperature controls to see if they are set to a low degree temperature that is ideal for the fridge or not. If it’s not set properly, simply set the temperature to the ideal temperature.

  1. Professional Help

In case, your tried solutions do not work, and the problem continues, then try contacting professional help. They will help solve the problem furthermore and make your refrigerator as good as new.

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