NuWave Oven Temperature Settings: Connection of Temperature with Power Levels

Nuwave Oven Temperature Settings
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Nuwave Oven Temperature Settings

There was a time when humans were gathering wood to start a fire so they could cook meals for themselves. As time passed, what has been considered a conventional cooking method changed drastically.

Today, there are an endless number of cooking appliances available in the market that can be used for cooking all kinds of dishes.

Stovetop cooking is what is considered traditional cooking today. But ovens have unique features, making them an ideal appliance for many households. NuWave is a trusted name in the oven industry.

These ovens offer faster cooking, so they are preferred by many over traditional stoves. These ovens are great for searing and roasting meat and vegetables.

However, NuWave ovens have complicated temperature settings, which can be difficult for first-time users to figure out.

NuWave Oven Temperature Settings

NuWave ovens work with Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures for the ease of users. If you are using the NuWave oven for the first time, you will have trouble figuring out the temperature connection with the different power levels.

Given below is a guide that explains the different power levels of a NuWave oven and the associated temperature:

  • Power level 10 HI – At this power level, the oven temperature will be 342-degrees Fahrenheit. The Celsius temperature at this level will be around 172-degrees.

If a recipe calls for the oven to be heated at 350-degrees Fahrenheit, you should choose this power level. It is the highest power level in a NuWave oven, ideal for certain baking recipes.

Nuwave oven recipe
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  • Power level 9 HI – At power level 9 HI, the temperature is around 325-degrees Fahrenheit while the Celsius temperature is 163-degrees. This level can also be used for baking recipes.
  • Power level 8 HI – At this power level, the Fahrenheit temperature is 300-degrees which is equivalent to 149-degrees Celsius.
  • Power level 7 HI – With this power level, the oven temperature is around 275-degrees Fahrenheit while the Celsius temperature is 135-degrees.
  • Power level 6 HI – At power level 6 HI, the oven temperature is 250-degrees Fahrenheit. As for Celsius temperature, it is around 121-degrees.
  • Power level 5 HI – At 5 HI, the oven temperature will be 225-degrees Fahrenheit. In Celsius, the temperature inside the oven will be 107-degrees.
  • Power level 4 HI – At this power level, the oven temperature is 175-degrees Fahrenheit, and the Celsius temperature is 79-degrees.
  • Power level 3 HI –  If you choose this power level, the oven temperature will be around 150-degrees Fahrenheit and 66-degrees in Celsius.
  • Power level 2 HI  – This power level makes the oven temperature 116-degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will be 47-degrees on the Celsius scale.
  • Power level 1 HI – With this power level, the oven temperature is 106-degrees Fahrenheit and 41-degrees Celsius.

Nuwave oven dishes
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Cooking in your NuWave oven will be impossible without learning about the power levels and associated temperatures.

Once you know the associated temperature of each power level, you can confidently start using your oven. You can turn back to this guide again and again until you know each temperature setting by heart.

Other Things to Consider When Cooking in a NuWave Oven

Although the power level guide explains associated temperatures in the delta, you should still consider certain things when cooking in your NuWave oven, especially if you are using it for the first time.

For instance, if you need the temperature to be higher than 350-degrees Fahrenheit, you can use Power level 10 HI to cook the recipe. But you can cook the ingredients for five more minutes than the time mentioned in the recipe to make sure everything is cooked properly.

Since the Power level, 10 HI has a temperature of 342-degrees, you can adjust the time accordingly depending on the recipe. One important thing to remember is that the oven temperature settings will be different on every NuWave oven.

For instance, the default temperature scale on NuWave ovens is Fahrenheit, but the Pro Plus models display oven temperature in Celsius as well. The LED displays tend to display the Fahrenheit temperature for five seconds on these models.

You can change the temperature scale during these five seconds to display it in Celsius. If you don’t press any buttons in these five seconds, the oven will switch off the conversion mode of temperature.

The conversion mode in NuWave ovens is easy to activate. You can long-press the temperature button for around three to four seconds.

The Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion mode will be activated if you want to stick to the Celsius temperature, while in the temperature conversion mode, you have to press the zero button (0).

It will give one long beep, and the temperature settings will shift to Celsius. Similarly, you can press 0 again to shift back to Fahrenheit settings.

When you make some changes in temperature settings, keep in mind that it will become the default settings unless you change it.

The most intriguing part is that the temperature setting will remain the same even if you switch off the oven. So, if you wish to change the temperature setting, you will have to do so manually.

Cooking Chart

Nuwave oven cooking chart
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When we talk about the NuWave ovens and temperature settings, it is essential to talk about the cooking time because it differs from conventional ovens.

For instance, the Pro model can be used for cooking an entire turkey (as long as it’s within sixteen pounds). For cooking turkey, you have to allocate ten minutes for one pound (do the math according to your turkey’s size).

The NuWave oven is famous for quick preheating and fast cooking for the most part. In case you are making a beef roast, you have to allocate seventeen to nineteen minutes for one pound, and it will reach a medium-rare level.

Similarly, you can easily cook larger meat cuts (frozen too, but you have to thaw them) in your NuWave oven.

But if you are not familiar with your NuWave oven yet, it is best to try basic recipes first. You should also go through the manual to learn about every setting of your oven.

The manual will guide you on how to operate your NuWave oven safely. Electrical appliances may be highly beneficial for us, but they can also break down pretty easily.

If you don’t know how to use an appliance, you can quickly damage it. So, before you decide to make a beef roast in your NuWave oven, familiarize yourself with its working.

How to Find the Right Recipes?

If you don’t have a recipe in mind and are wondering what to cook in your new oven, you can turn to the website of NuWave for help. The best thing about these recipes is they are created according to the features of different NuWave ovens.

Nuwave oven recipes
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So, you won’t have to worry about particular settings or temperature levels. The recipes will also have the power level mentioned so you can cook with ease.

Go through the recipes on NuWave’s website, and you will be able to find one that has all of your favorite ingredients.

Bottom Line

Cooking in an oven has a lot of benefits. But if you are used to cooking on a stove, it will take you some time to get used to the working of your NuWave oven. One thing you can be certain about is that it is a remarkable cooking appliance.

You can use it to roast large meat cuts and save a lot of time that you would have spent in the kitchen otherwise. Although the power levels of the NuWave oven look complicated, the above-mentioned guide can make it easier for you to understand them.

Once you know all the basic things about your NuWave oven, you can heat it up to make your favorite dishes.

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