How to Put Maytag Fridge In Defrost Mode?

how to put maytag fridge in defrost mode
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how to put maytag fridge in defrost mode

Maytag has established the brand name when it comes down to fridges. There is an extensive range of fridge models out there and have various features that interest the users. For the same reason, people need to ensure that the fridge is properly cleaned and excessive ice isn’t built up. For this reason, we are sharing how to put the Maytag fridge in defrost mode. So, let’s have a look at the details!

How to Put Maytag Fridge In Defrost Mode?

Defrost Mode In Maytag Fridge

When it comes down to the Maytag fridge, it is designed with the adaptive defrost control board, and you have to locate it to ensure the excessive ice is melting. It is generally placed on the control panel’s housing (yes, it’s within the fridge). In the majority of cases, the defrost mode works automatically when it suspects excessive ice buildup. On the other hand, if the automatic defrosts mode stops working, the first step should be checking the heater assembly.

This is because the damaged heater results in ice buildup on the airflow assembly and coils, resulting in higher frostiness. For this purpose, you need to call the fridge technician and he will fix the automatic defrost system. In addition, if something is beyond repair, the technician will suggest a defrost system replacement. Secondly, you need to check the defrost timer. That’s because if the defrost timer is broken, the frost will keep building up. Last but not least, there are chances that the entire control board has gone bad. So, always hire a professional technician!

Switching On The Force Defrost Mode

If everything is already working fine, but you don’t know how to switch on the defrost mode, we are sharing the instructions for the force defrost mode, such as;

  • First of all, open the fridge’s door and hold the switch unless you see the display go blank
  • Then, press the minus button three times within the span of ten seconds before you release the door switch
  • If it shows d and f, press the minus button again, and the force defrost mode will be conformed
  • As a result, the s will appear on the display
  • Lastly, press the minus button again, and the defrost mode will switch on and close the fridge’s door

Defrosting The Maytag Fridge

If you don’t want to use the force defrost mode, we are sharing other instructions to defrost the fridge, including;

  • Take out the fridge’s plug or simply switch off the circuit breaker
  • Take out the edible food items from the fridge and wrap them in paper to save them from going bad
  • Position the tray or pan with rags at the fridge’s edge so the water is absorbed
  • Defrosting will take time, but it’s important to keep checking and emptying out the water tray
  • When the frost is all melted, just clean the fridge, set the desired temperature and put food back into the unit
  • Switch on the Maytag fridge, and you are good to go

This is all you need to defrost the Maytag refrigerator, so was it helpful?

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