Sirloin Tip vs Tri-Tip: What’s The Difference?

sirloin tip vs tri tip
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sirloin tip vs tri-tip

The sirloin is a type of cut. The term sirloin itself is usually used to refer to the cut of beef taken from the middle and upper part of a cow’s center. This part is one that isn’t as popular as some others which most know about, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as good or even better. You’ll find many great chefs telling you that the sirloin is actually one of the most underrated cuts of beef out there and that you should surely try it out at least once.

One thing about it that most people don’t know is that there are actually a few completely different cuts of the sirloin itself, all of which are different in their own ways. Two types that are commonly mistaken to be very similar to one another are the tri tip and sirloin tip. While many think these are alike one another, this isn’t actually the case at all. If you’re one of many people that doesn’t know the key differences between them, check out our comparison of the two given below to find them out.

Sirloin Tip Vs Tri-Tip

  1. Type of Cut

The first and most important difference that one needs to know about both these different cuts of the sirloin is exactly where they’re located. While both are a part of the sirloin, they are actually completely different from each other due to where they are located. The sirloin tip, as its name might imply, is the very tip of the sirloin itself. This obviously means that it is from the top half of the sirloin, which is quite different from the bottom half.

The trip tip just so happens to be located in this bottom half. It is a triangular cut from this bottom half of the sirloin which is quite popular among chefs. It is so low in the sirloin that it also consists of thigh muscles, specifically the tensor fasciae latae. This itself adds to the taste, and brings us to the next point of our comparison between both of these different types of cuts.

  1. Overall Taste

The key difference between both of these which greatly separated the way they taste is the difference in fat. The sirloin tip is actually not filled with too much fat. They aren’t too flavourful and have a simple taste, but this simple taste in itself is very delicious. If prepared correctly, the sirloin tip can be made into one of the best types of steaks out there, but it must be kept in mind that this process of preparing it perfectly isn’t exactly easy. This cut is also very high in terms of protein.

On the other hand, the tri tip is arguably completely different. While featuring a somewhat similar complexion, the tri tip has a couple of key differences which make the taste of both these cuts easily distinguishable between one another. The main difference that comes to mind is the fact that the tri tip has a relatively higher amount of fat. It is also much more diverse in terms of flavor. Said flavor is unique and savory, which is exactly why a lot of people love tri tip steaks.

  1. Texture

Lastly, one of the other key difference between both is their texture. Both of these cuts are not quite that different from one another in this regard, but the difference is still noticeable enough. Both of them are tender enough to be enjoyable when prepared as a steak. The tri tip, however, is a little more diverse in this manner as well.

It has multiple different textures. It is quite thick from the middle part of the steak while being thinner at its end sides. While this obviously differs depending on the way the steak is prepared, it is usually how the tri tip is, as opposed to the sirloin top which is usually thick throughout.


There are lots of differences between these two cuts to make them easily distinguishable from each other. Deciding which one is better out of the two is almost impossible, and it usually just comes down to personal preference. That’s why we’ve made this comparison given above to help people such as yourself find out which one they like better from their basic and most important features.

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