Do Wonton Wrappers Go Bad? (Explained)

do wonton wrappers go bad
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do wonton wrappers go bad

Wonton wrappers are dumplings famous in Chinese cuisine. It uses simple ingredients like wheat flour, eggs, salt, and water to make the dough. They come in various shapes like rectangle, square, or triangular wonton wrappers. You can wrap whatever filling you like for use in soups.

These wrappings are incredibly famous for use in egg rolls. They are easy to make. Like any other food item, the chances of wonton wrappers going bad are present. We will try our best to answer your question of “do wonton wrappers go bad?”

Do Wonton Wrappers Go Bad?

Wonton wrappers require several strokes to make them into fine delicacies. These wrappers are very delicate and require proper handling.

Wonton wrappers do not traditionally go bad. However, they do get spoiled. If you can spot molds on it, it means you have to throw them away. Another sign can be hard to fold wrappers.

Freezing Wonton Wrappers

Whether you bought some wonton wrappers from the market or made some extra at home, you would have some left at the end of the day.

You can make them last for a year in the freezer. Make sure to separate them with help of cornstarch. Make sure to secure them well in a plastic bag. After that place it in a freezer bag or a spare airtight container. Do not store all the wonton wrappers in a single plastic wrap. Rather make small packs. So, you will open the pack needed for one-time use only. 

Follow these basic steps to freeze the wrappers the right way:

  • If you have store brought wonton wrappers, use a single layer of plastic wrap to cover them.
  • It is best to separate them using cornstarch or flour. If you have some extra wax paper at hand, it will also do the trick.
  • Cover in an airtight container or a special freezer bag.
  • Do not forget to seal them.
  • Always add a date on them. So, if you use them after several months, you can check the expiry date on them.

Wonton Wrappers in the Refrigerator

If you open the packets of wonton wrappers, it is advisable to use them within a week when they are placed in the refrigerator. In case you do not wish to use them within this time frame, use the steps mentioned above to freeze them.

You have to use an airtight container or a freezer bag here as well. Just store them in the fridge. Toss them when you plan to make them during the 7-10 days tenure.  

Wonton wrappers are a must-have if you are a cooking lover. They are easily available in any Asian grocery section. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on them, prepare them at home. They use simple ingredients and prepare in quick time. However, you have to make sure to store them in the right way. They do not go bad easily and can be stored for a long time. Follow the above-mentioned steps to freeze or refrigerate them.

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