Potsticker Wrappers vs Wonton Wrappers: What’s The Difference?

potsticker wrappers vs wonton wrappers
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potsticker wrappers vs wonton wrappers

Are you craving savory dumplings? Is your Netflix show incomplete? Potstickers and wonton wrappers are popular delicacies in China and other regions of Asia. Wonton is a traditional meal in northern parts of China. Wonton meal was originally referred to as a meat bun. Keeping wontons wrappers in your freezer can help you in trying various recipes. These include Thai chicken, salad wonton cups, and baked samosas. Furthermore, you can use Wonton wrappers in the delicious French onion soup cups, Chorizo Empanadas, and a lot of other creative bites.

Potstickers are steam-fried dumplings that are made up of round wrappers. You can find potstickers in almost all the parts of China. Quo tie is the common name for potstickers. Just like Wonton, Potstickers are also a type of dumpling. The Potstickers can give a crispy texture on cooking. In this article, you will read about the distinction between potstickers and wonton wrappers.

Potsticker Wrappers vs Wonton Wrappers

What are Wonton wrappers?

It is a kind of Chinese dumpling that uses wheat flour dough in the making process. The ingredients required for dough making are salt, egg, and water. Wonton wrappers go through a lengthy making process. The square wrappers are spread on the palm before initiating the filling process. Wonton can have different kinds of shapes such as square, rectangle, or triangular.

There is a distinction between both as the dough of Wonton is significantly different from the potstickers dough. Wonton is usually served with broth. You can also use these wrappers for purpose of wrapping fillings in soups.

If you look at the nutritional strength of wonton wrappers, you will find that 1 wrapper serving size has almost 23.3 calories, 0.7 mg cholesterol, 45.8 mg sodium, 4.6 g carbohydrate, 6.6 mg of potassium, and 0.1 gram of proteins.

What are Potstickers?

Potstickers are a matchless thin sheet of dough that contains wheat flour and water. Potstickers are a unique kind of dumplings famous for their soft wrapper. The vegetarian potstickers usually contain cabbage and carrots as a filling. However, other potstickers contain ground pork to fulfill meat needs in the filling. These are mostly steam-fried to maintain or safeguard the juices in them.

The steam frying of potstickers assists in making the bottom layer brown and crispy outer structure. One can boil them as well if boiling is a more suitable available option. You can find steamed or boiled potstickers in Chinese restaurants with the names suijiao and zhengjiao.

Potstickers mostly contain fats and carbs, therefore they do not fit into a healthy and balanced diet easily. Potstickers wrappers contain 3 grams of protein, 0.5 grams of fats, and 24 grams of net carbs.

Comparison of potstickers wrappers and Wonton Wrappers

Some people confuse boiled potstickers with wontons. The Dough of both is different as well. However, there is no clear line that distinguishes the two. The fillings of potstickers are generally soft and moist while you will notice that wonton fillings are firmer. Cornstarch in

Wontons serves binding purposes, and it gives a firm texture to Wonton wrappers. Hence, the potstickers wrappers are thicker in comparison to Wonton wrappers that are superfine and delicate. Potstickers resemble dumplings as both have meat or vegetable-filled inside and have crispy exteriors. You can substitute wrappers of potstickers and wonton with each other in case of emergency shortage. These two can act as an alternative for each other since the basic ingredients of both are the same. So, they make a good substitute for each other with a slight difference in flavor. 


Potstickers and Wonton wrappers are part of many recipes and keeping them in the freezer will save a lot of your time instead of going to market immediately to buy these wrappers. The major difference between both wrappers is due to the somewhat thick texture of potstickers in comparison to Wonton wrappers that are relatively gossamer.

The dough of both wrappers is different from each other. You should use it by following the requirement of the recipes. You can also prioritize one over other types of wrappers based on the number of calories and fats that they provide. Thus, enjoy eating these delicious delicacies with your loved ones! 

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