2 Ways To Fix Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Paddle Not Turning

cuisinart ice cream maker paddle not turning
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cuisinart ice cream maker paddle not turning

Having an ice-cream maker at your home is such a blessing that it helps you enjoy hygienic ice-cream at home. Moreover, it will help you to surprise your children at the weekend with delicious ice-cream. But, what if you are trying to make ice-cream for your beloved and the paddle of the Cuisinart ice-cream maker is not turning.

It is something that was reported by many of the Cuisinart users. But, what do you need to do when you are stuck with such kind of situations. In the draft, we will allow you to have information about resolving the issues related to your Cuisinart ice-cream maker’s paddle. What you need to do is follow the article religiously.

How To Fix Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Paddle Not Turning?

What Is Paddle And Is It OK If It Doesn’t Move?

A paddle is one of the essential parts of an ice-cream maker. It helps you to chop your products finely if you are going to put fruits while making ice-cream. But, is it fine if only the canister is moving and the paddle is not turning.

 In some cases, it is good if the paddle is not turning because when you have enough liquid in the ice-cream maker, the stationary paddle will help it to turn creamy and more solid. But if the paddle is not turning continuously, then this is an issue, and to resolve this issue, we have got some solutions below.

1. Check If The Paddle Is Firmly Attached Or Not

It is one of the most common things that happen to us while using an ice-cream maker. Most of us don’t know how to attach a paddle to the ice-cream maker’s body firmly, and when we remove and then reattach the paddle, it is not placed firmly. It is something that why the paddle of your ice-cream maker is not turning. 

To resolve this issue, you need to attach the paddle firmly to its position. After it, you will be able to use your ice-cream maker paddle finely. If this is not working for you, then head towards the next method.

2. Get A New Paddle

If the above-written article does not work, then the only solution is to get a new paddle. A paddle is one of the most used parts of the ice-cream maker, and because of it, there may be some issues in the paddle. If you feel that the paddle is not in good condition, then without wasting time, you need to get a new paddle. For this, you can visit the nearest market, or you can get a paddle online for as low as $8. 


In the article, we have provided you with all of the knowledge about the ice-cream maker’s paddle and why it is not working. The article includes some solutions to resolve this issue. So, the only thing you need to do to avoid such an issue is to give this article a good read. If you have any further questions, then the comment box is waiting for your comments.

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