How Much Water Should You Put In Cuisinart Egg Cooker?

cuisinart egg cooker how much water
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Cuisinart Egg Cooker: How Much Water?

Even though many people believe that an egg cooker is a waste of money, it brings an enhanced level of convenience to your setup. The best thing about this device is that it is quite affordable and saves you a lot of time and effort on a consistent basis. So, if you’re someone who likes to have eggs two or three times every week, then investing in an egg cooker is a viable option for you. 

With that said, there have been many questions about how much water a person should put in a Cuisinart Egg cooker. If you’re also dealing with a similar unit, then the information provided below will give you a complete perspective on the process. 

Cuisinart Egg Cooker: How Much Water?

Depending upon the number of eggs you’re cooking at a time, the amount of water may vary. Similarly, you will have to use different amounts of water based on whether or not you’re trying to cook the eggs hard. Ideally, most people stick with the 100 ml mark when they are trying to cook two eggs at a time hard. For medium cooking, you can use 50 ml of water, and for soft cooking, 25 ml of water is enough. So, you can use this information to make an estimate about how much water should be added to the container. 

If you don’t have a measuring unit, then you can always use a tablespoon to put water into the container. Depending upon the size of your tablespoon, 100 ml of water would translate to around eight tablespoons. So, if you’re trying too hard to cook eggs, then use eight tablespoons of water, 4 for medium cooked, and 2 for soft-cooked eggs. That way, it will be easier to get consistent results every time without going into much detail. 

With that said, you should experiment with different water levels to find the perfect spot that matches your preference. You won’t be able to create the perfect eggs on the first try, and it will take a few failed attempts to develop a consistent setup. This is why you shouldn’t play it safe with eight tablespoons of water every time. Going lower than eight tablespoons will help you better manage the consistency and the firmness of the eggs. Other than that, if you’re using more than two eggs at a time, then you will have to increase the water quantity accordingly. 

To Conclude

Around 100 ml of water is enough to hard cook two eggs in the Cuisinart egg cooker. So, if you don’t know how much water to put in a Cuisinart egg cooker, you can use this proportion to identify the perfect quantity for yourself. Based on personal preferences, it is a good option to try and experiment with different water levels. 

This would give you a complete perspective on the amount of water that should be added to the container, and you won’t have to spend as much time in the measuring process. Sticking with the tablespoon method should be enough to get consistent results every time. 

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