Hard-Boiled Eggs Yolk Not Done Issue

hard boiled eggs yolk not done
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hard boiled eggs yolk not done

Eggs have become an important part of every dining table, given the high nutrient count. In addition, boiled eggs staple for breakfasts and people who are following the workout routines. One might think that boiling eggs are no brainers because all you need is water, eggs, and a pan to make these delicious boiled eggs. But well, it’s not the same for everyone because people struggle with hard-boiled eggs yolk not done issue. So, in this article, we are sharing the tips to keep in mind, so you can have the perfect hard-boiled eggs!

Hard-Boiled Eggs Yolk Not Done

Pot Matters

You might think that you can push the egg in every pan and it will just boil up the egg for you, well, it’s not true at all. This is because if you have to boil a dozen eggs and you use the small pan, it’s going to be crowded, right? This will negatively impact the boiling outcome and the egg will be boiled unevenly. So, always use the right size of pots to boil the eggs. The rule of thumb is to let the eggs boil in free space.

Water Level

So, you want to hard boil the eggs, never boil the water first because it’s going to impact the overall boiling outcome and the yolk might be left undone. This is because you should always start with cold water if you want to hard boil the eggs. When you use cold water, egg and water will heat up together, promising an even boiling outcome and there will be zero cracking issues. Also, make sure that eggs are covered in cold water completely.

Fresh Eggs

If you have ever hard-boiled eggs, you would know that these eggs can be hard to peel. Well, this issue happens when you are boiling the fresh eggs. With this being said, you need to boil the old eggs or the refrigerated eggs. In the case of old eggs, make sure that eggs are at least two weeks old if you don’t want to struggle with undone yolk or hard peeling.

Ice Bath

Sure, your mommy takes out the eggs when the timer switches off and let the water drain from the pan. However, you shouldn’t play this trick if you don’t have experience. So, once you think that eggs are properly cooked and boiled, you need to add the eggs to the water bath to make sure eggs are properly boiled and the yolk is done as well.

Putting In Ovens

If your eggs are hard-boiled but the yolk is not done, you don’t have to worry about it. That’s to say because all you need to do is cut the egg in half and wrap them in the aluminum foil. Once the eggs are wrapped, just heat the eggs for a few minutes at 325-degrees Fahrenheit. With this being said, the yolks will gain a firm outlook. Also, make sure that you remove the shells before putting them in the oven because shells can explode.

Cook Right

Well, if you want to boil perfectly hard-boiled eggs in the first go, you need to cover the pot and let it do the magic for around 15 minutes. With this timeline, the eggs will be hard-boiled without the soggy or uneven yolk.

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