5 Best Crock Pot Alternatives

crock pot alternative
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crock pot alternative

We have a list of Crock pot alternatives that you can use in place of crock pot and still cook many gret dishes with the same level of efficiency and taste.

5 Best Crock Pot Alternatives

Crock-pot is simply a slow cooker. You should know that it is not a piece of equipment but it is just a brand name. So, it’s never about the crock pot but only about the slow cooking of meals that makes it more delicious. This can be achieved by using other equipment as well which will be listed below in this article.

Here are 5 best Crock pot alternatives that you can use at home.

  1. Instant Pot

Instant Pot is the best-known crock pot alternative as it is famous and widely used by a majority of people around the world. It is an electrical cooker that it is used for cooking different types of dishes. It multicooker modes in it that means it can be used for all types of cooking including the cooking of crock pot. Its slow cookeing mode will be the best suitable one to replace the cooking of crock pot. This leads us to our second option.

  1. Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is the best option if you don’t have a working crock pot available. It serves as a great crock pot alternative as it can be used to cook all kinds of meals that you want to cook in a crock pot. You can get the same delicious taste as well as the same consistency as your gravies. It is not electrical but it uses you as are normal home stove so you can control the heat by yourself. You can choose the right type of flame that you want to cook your dish on. 

  1. Sturdy Pot

A study pot can also serve as a crock pot alternative as it is used for cooking many similar this is just like a crock pot. You will be needing a cover and probably will need to still the contents inside every now and then and keep the flame low. A sturdy pot also uses your home store stovetop or you can also use a diffuser to heat it up and give it the required amount of temperature that you need to cook your dish recipe.

  1. Heavy Duty Home Pot

The heavy-duty home is just like the other cooking bowls you use at your home. the difference is only that the heavy-duty pot is obviously a bit heavy in weight as the names say. This is because it is large in size and made of thick material. If you can find a correct match to cover its mouth, then, this can be used as a great crockpot alternative as well. You can cook all your favorite recipes in the heavy-duty home pot just like ok you do you in a crock pot. It will create the same kind of high temperature inside and you will get the same delicious recipe ready in no time.

  1. Lidded Dutchen Oven

The lidded Dutchen oven, as you may have guessed by now, actually a microwave oven. It can also be used in place of a crock pot to cook the same food items because it also can be used for slow cooking. You can set the temperature as well as the time so that your food will be cooked in the respective manner as you like it. This way, the food will have the same greatest and the same aroma. So, if your crock pot is is not currently working you can get yourself a lidded Dutchen Oven.


So, these are some of the best crock pot alternatives that you can use if you don’t have a crock pot or if your crock pot is damaged or if it cannot be used due to any reasons.

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