How To Minimize The Risk Of Chili Oil Botulism?

chili oil botulism
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chili oil botulism

Chili oil has many applications in our daily lives. If you want to have eggs or avocado toast for the breakfast, you can use chili oil for it. It is used as a special ingredient in many dishes. Chili oil is also used as a condiment in meals due to the presence of natural spices in it. Both meat and veggies can be cooked in the chili oil to make it spicier and tastier. It will give you a hot punch with every bite you take. But you have to be careful about chili oil botulism. Here, we will discuss how to prevent chili oil botulism and how to ensure the oil is not spoiled.

What is botulism?

If chili oil is not treated well, it can form toxic substances in a low oxygen environment which can cause a condition named botulism. Botulism is caused by a bacterium named “Clostridium botulinum”. The bacteria can be very harmful, especially in the absence of an anaerobic environment, less oxygen environment. It causes weakness in your body and even blurred vision. It can cause breathing problems, pain in bones, and can cause death in extreme cases. Drying mouth, vomiting, and diarrhea are also common symptoms of botulism.

Signs of chili oil having bacterium:

Chili oil is mostly canned in a bottle and then used. In the absence of oxygen, toxic substances form very quickly. If you have chili oil in a bottle and you have not used it for a while, it might cause bulging in the bottle. When you open it, you would probably smell a foul odor from it. One can easily judge whether the chili oil is usable or not after observing it. If you have any doubts about botulism risk, you should discard it. It is better to avoid it, rather than putting your health at risk.

How To Minimize The Risk Of Chili Oil botulism?

When you are cooking chili oil, you must cook it at a temperature of around 130°C for 30 minutes. It will help kill all the toxic substances in it. You have to ensure that you add all the dry ingredients to it. The presence of moisture in chili oil increases the potential risk of botulism. You must not add garlic to the oil. Avoid adding water into the oil. It is better that you use chili oil within two months. If the chili oil is preserved in bottles more than that, there is a potential risk of botulism. It’s better to use silverware with chili oil.

Chili oil is widely used in cooking. It is used as an ingredient and can be used to fry the meat. Although it is easy to use the risk of botulism is present. Observe the chili oil every time you use it. If you think there is a risk using it, it’s better to avoid it. Botulism can be fatal. You just need to avoid moisture in chili oil and not use it for the long term. Other than that, enjoy your meal with chili oil!

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