4 Ways To Make Hash Browns Stick Together

how to make hash browns stick together
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how to make hash browns stick together

Hash brown breakfast is one of America’s oldest and cultured meal. It consists of shredded potatoes fried with some toppings based on your taste. However, everyone wants the best hash brown to start their day. If you are cooking hash browns for your family, and it does not turn out according to the expectations, you will naturally feel ashamed. While cooking hash browns, the most delicate part of its cooking is to make them stick together. If your hash browns do not stick, it gives a bad look to your meal, and it will not taste as it should. We will discuss the solutions to how to make hash browns stick together.

How To Make Hash Browns Stick Together?

Hash browns are tasty and mouthwatering and present a lot of health benefits. Hash browns are crunchy, a little salty, and oily. The hash browns should be in a compact patty form and must be seasoned well. It fulfills your stomach and is a calorie-dense breakfast. Hash browns are a great source of healthy nutrients like starch, fiber, and vitamins necessary for your well-being. It also helps you control blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes. The vitamins present in the hash browns help boost your immune system, strengthen the bones, and repair cellular damage.

Reasons for hash browns not sticking together:

Your hash browns are not sticking together, maybe due to several reasons. One reason can be the water inside the potatoes after rinsing. The potatoes’ shape and size might be the biggest reason for it to be not sticking together. You might not have shredded the potatoes properly. Another reason can be that you have not cooked the hash browns from each side until it is crispy.  The intensity of heat and oil quantity is not well adjusted.  

You must pay more attention to certain steps while cooking hash browns.

1. Drain water properly:

Ensure that the potatoes are well-drained after rinsing. The water is to be dried from inside. You can microwave it for a while to perfectly dry the potatoes.

2. Shred well:

The best way to get them to stick together is to shred your potatoes well. Use either a shredder or a cheese grater for it to be well shredded.

3. Brown them well until crispy:

You should increase the heat a little more and use less oil. Make sure to cook it till the bottom side is well browned and crispy. You must not change the side before that.

4. Add cheese:

Add cheddar or shredded parm to make it more cheesy; it will help your hash browns bind well. 

Hash browns, tasty and full of nutrients meal is the favorite of many people. It is necessary for you to make your hash browns stick together well. Only then, your meal would be well presented and cooked. You just have to be precise in each step. If nothing is working for you, use cheese to stick them better. Surely, this delicious breakfast is one of the best and most healthy meals for you to have with your loved ones.

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