Cheese Whiz vs Velveeta: What’s The Difference?

cheese whiz vs velveeta
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cheese whiz vs velveeta

Cheese is an important ingredient for everyone who wants rich and creamy food. There are different varieties of cheese out there, and even more, there are cheese spreads available in the market. For instance, cheese whiz vs. Velveeta has become the ultimate debate which is why we are talking about them in this article!

Cheese Whiz vs Velveeta

Cheese Whiz

To begin with, cheese whiz is the processed cheese spread or sauce that is sold by Kraft Foods (it is sold as cheez whiz, by the way). This cheese spread was first developed by Edwin Traisman back in 1953. It has an orange and yellow color which is sold in the glass jar. Generally, it is used as a topping for hot dogs and corn chips. In addition, Philadelphian cheesesteak often uses cheez whiz in place of cheese.

This cheese spread is widely available in the Philippines, Canada, the US, Mexico, and Venezuela. It’s safe to say that this cheese spread has become the most popular processed cheese food. It includes conventional cheese which is often reprocessed along with stabilizing agents and emulsifiers. These stabilizing agents include carrageenan and xanthan gum.

Cheez whiz is often made with the addition of flavorings and citric acid which delivers the tangy flavor and aroma. As far as coloring is concerned, annatto is used. This is known to be the cheese drip (yes, they really spelled the cheese correctly). For the most part, it has cheese but the jar shows cheese culture and milk (it’s sort of the same thing, no?).

Cheez whiz is available in a variety of sizes. This is because some markets are offering this spread in narrow jars but the official jars are large. Generally, the jar has a squat and cylindrical shape. When we look at the ingredient list, it has Worcestershire sauce, tamarind, garlic powder, celery, sugar, natural flavor, and spices for bringing out the flavor that it’s famous for.

There are different varieties of cheez whiz available in the market, such as tex mex, light, italia, pimento, and bacon. In addition, salsa con queso is another famous variety of this cheese spread. This spread makes a great dip. However, ever since the initial launch, the formula has changed due to changes in the recipe. For instance, changes in dairy resources and regulatory environment have impacted the spread.


This is another processed cheese product brand. This processed cheese tastes the same as American cheese with a much smoother and softer texture as compared to non-processed cheese. When Velveeta cheese is melted, it will turn into a lump-free and liquid texture. This processed cheese has been around since 1918 and it was first made in Monroe, New York By Emil Frey.

This processed cheese was made by The Velveeta Cheese Company but was sold to Kraft Foods back in 1927. Back in the time, it was advertised as nutritious cheese spread and it was approved by the American Medical Association. Ever since 2002, it has been marketed as the pasteurized prepared cheese product. Velveeta has a velvety smooth texture that simply glides on.

This product has whey and curd incorporation which delivers a melting and smooth texture. Also, the brand responsible for making Velveeta also has cheesy skillets, cheesy bites, along with macaroni and cheese. As far as the ingredients are concerned, it has milk, whey, water, milkfat, annatto, apocarotenal, whey protein, and cheese culture.

Velveeta goes perfectly with grilled cheese sandwiches and chile con queso. It is widely available in Hong Kong, Canada, South Korea, Panama, the United States, and the Philippines. In addition, it is available as Velveta in Germany and the UK. This cheese spread the golden and neon orange appearance and looks pretty much like bona fide cheese.

There are different varieties of Velveeta available in the market, such as Pepper Jack and Mexican Mild. Back in time, Velveeta was known to be made from real cheese but the current variant has milk protein, whey protein, fat, milk, and preservatives. That being said, it is known as a cheese product because the FDA stated it to “not-real cheese product.”

Also, Velveeta is famous and liquid gold. Also, it is available in small-sized squares which can be used with baked potatoes and stuffed sliders.

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