Toasted Cheese vs Grilled Cheese: What’s The Difference?

toasted cheese vs grilled cheese
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toasted cheese vs grilled cheese

Cheese is undoubtedly one of the favorite dairy food items. It has taken its place in almost everyone’s kitchen. Be it morning’s healthy breakfast or afternoon’s delicious lunch, people love to pair cheese with slices of bread to make themselves a valuable meal. Now there have been quite a lot of disagreements and confusions regarding grilled cheese and toasted cheese. Different people have different definitions for both of these scrumptious quick dishes. Some say they are the same. However, they are not the same. Despite having a lot of similarities in ingredients and tastes, toasted cheese and grilled cheese are still two different dishes.

To settle things down for you, we have compared these two superior and quick cheese-based dishes. Read on to know the possible differences between toasted cheese and grilled cheese and let’s decide which one tastes better.

Toasted Cheese vs Grilled Cheese: What’s The Difference?

In toasted cheese, a slice of cheese is just placed on a toasted pair of bread slices while grilled cheese has the cheese slice grilled smoothly in a griller or simply a pan and then sandwiched between two bread slices. This is the main and most understandable difference which we believe many people already know.

Another main difference between grilled cheese and toasted cheese is that in the USA, people prefer to name even their toasted cheese sandwiches, grilled sandwiches. However, the subtle use of butter spread on the slices mainly differentiates grilled cheese from toasted cheese.

Moreover, grilled cheese requires an extra item. That is butter. The nutty and creamy taste of butter spreading on the bread slices along with cheese makes grilled cheese different from toasted cheese.

Are Toasted Cheese Sandwiches And Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Any Different?

As we have already discussed the additional ingredient of butter in preparing grilled cheese sandwiches. You all must have enough idea how grilled cheese sandwiches taste different than toasted cheese sandwiches.

No matter how much these two; toasted cheese and grilled cheese differ, they both are top-tier sandwiches made with bread slices and a healthy slice of cheese. But the toasted cheese sandwich has somehow a proper solid cheese slice while grilled cheese sandwiches have melted cheese slices with a slight taste of butter.

How Do You Make Toasted Cheese Sandwich?

In toasted cheese sandwiches, there are just two slices of bread toasted in a traditional toaster with the cheese on top.

There are two almost similar ways of making delicious toasted cheese sandwiches.

In one method, you take two slices of fresh bread and toast them inside the conventional toaster. Just when your bread slices pop out of the toaster, you place them out on a plate and immediately put a cheese slice in between them. That’s it.

It is easy to make a toasted cheese sandwich. Another way of making a toasted cheese sandwich involves toasting bread slices in a broiler and adding the tender cheese slice directly on the open-faced popping bread slices. This will let your cheese slice melt a bit by a toaster.

How Do You Make Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

Grilled cheese sandwiches require you to spread butter on both of your bread slices and then browning those slices a bit on a frying pan. As soon as the bread slices are slightly brown, place a cheese slice in between the bread. This will melt your cheese slice between the bread slices.

Toasted Cheese Vs Grilled Cheese. Which One Is Better?

You are here because you love cheese, right? That’s why any quick appetizing dish that has cheese in it will intrigue you. Whether you make grilled cheese or toasted cheese sandwich, they both are going to boost your mood. Especially, when you pair these sandwiches with a bowl of tomato basil soup, the crispy and tender taste with a piping soup lifts your mood to a big extent.

People having an interest in melted cheese dishes will most likely prefer grilled cheese sandwiches as they have the perk of buttery taste as well. While those who love to experience a tender and solid bite of cheese bite will prefer a toasted cheese sandwich.

So, deciding whether the toasted cheese sandwich is the best or grilled cheese, is very hard since both tastes so good.

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