4 Best Substitutes For White Cheddar Cheese

substitute for white cheddar cheese
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substitute for white cheddar cheese

It doesn’t matter how diet conscious you are; you can’t say no to cheese. It is probably one of the only food items in the world that people prefer worldwide. There are many types of cheese that you may access easily in your nearest supermarket, but nothing stands close to white cheddar cheese when we talk about the best.

But, what if you run out of White Cheddar Cheese and you need to prepare dinner for your guests. If you are reading this article, then you do not need to worry. Here we will discuss some of the best possible substitutes for the White Cheddar Cheese.

Substitute For White Cheddar Cheese

There exist many substitutes that you may use for your White Cheddar Cheese, but here we will discuss some of the best replacements that you will be able to use in your dishes. If you’re someone who does not have White Cheddar Cheese available at home, keep reading this article till the end, and you will get your ultimate solution.

1) Colby Cheese

Probably one of the rarely heard names in the cheese family, but this type of cheese is the dark horse of this family. It has all the qualities of White cheddar and many other types of cheese available in the market. 

The Colby cheese is so soft that it will melt in your mouth smoothly. Though the Colby cheese is milder and softer than the cheddar cheese, it can be the perfect replacement of White Cheddar Cheese. The thing that makes the White Cheddar Cheese and the Colby cheese the ideal substitute for one another is the melting quality. Both of the cheeses melt perfectly and add an excellent cheesy flavor to your dishes.

2) Tillamook Cheese

If you have issues using Colby cheese, then the other perfect solution to replace your cheddar cheese is the Tillamook cheese. The Tillamook cheese or the Tillamook cheddar belongs to the same family as the white cheddar cheese. It has all or almost all the attributes of White Cheddar Cheese.

The Tillamook cheese has an excellent melting quality. If you were going to use White Cheddar Cheese for Cheese sauce, then Tillamook cheese will make the same sauce taste more delicious. If you have no White Cheddar Cheese of your do not like to have White Cheddar Cheese, then Tillamook Cheese is made for you.

3) Double Gloucester Cheese

It is one of those cheese that not only taste but also sound too heavy. The Double Gloucester Cheese is a round-shaped hard cheese with the same attribute as most of the Cheddar cheese. It can also be a suitable replacement for your White Cheddar Cheese. 

Along with it, the Double Gloucester Cheese is slightly saline and has a creamy taste. The Double Gloucester Cheese can be the best thing to replace White Cheddar Cheese while making the cheese sauce, pasta, or even pizza. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the kitchen and start cooking. But, before it, complete the article for more knowledge to replace White Cheddar Cheese.

4) Brick Cheese

Have you ever heard a brick that you can replace with your White Cheddar Cheese? If not, then here we have brought for you the less commonly used brick cheese. Brick cheese comes up with a pale or white color and has a partially similar taste to White Cheddar Cheese. 

The best thing about brick cheese is that not only can you use it in place of White Cheddar Cheese, but you can also mix it up with White Cheddar Cheese to add more flavor to your dishes. The Brick cheese has a similar taste as the White Cheddar Cheese, so no one will detect whether it is brick cheese or white cheddar cheese after cooking. So, it becomes easy for you to use brick cheese when you run out of White Cheddar Cheese.


In the above draft, we have mentioned some of the best possible solutions to the White Cheddar Cheese. Some of those are quite new to your knowledge, so, whether you have White Cheddar cheese or not, you must try some of these cheeses whenever you are coking something cheesy. If you have any queries, then let us know in the comment section.

substitute for white cheddar cheese
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