4 Reasons & Fixes If Carrots Taste Bitter

carrots taste bitter
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carrots taste bitter

We all buy carrots for the fresh and sweet flavor and it’s an absolute frustration to bite on the carrot and taste the bitter notes. So, if you purchased carrots and it turned out bitter and you don’t know the reasons behind it, we are sharing the information below!

Carrots Taste Bitter

The carrots are highly likely to taste bitter when they have a higher concentration of terpenoids. These are the chemical compounds that develop in the earlier stage as compared to sugar that develops in the later stages. So, if the carrots are harvested in the earlier stages, it could be the reason behind the bitter flavor. We do want to add that there are some carrot varieties with higher terpenoids as compared to others. The carrots are known for their combination of sugar and terpenoid mixture, but when the balance goes out of proportion, the carrots will develop a bitter flavor. It’s obvious that you can opt for the sweet carrot varieties because they naturally have minimal bitter tones. So, in the section below, we are sharing how you can make the flavor less bitter!

1. Wait!

Yes, the first option is waiting for the correct harvesting time. This is because when people harvest the carrots when they are too young, it results in a weird flavor, especially because the terpenoids level will be higher. For this reason, it is important to wait for the right harvesting time. For the most part, the carrots develop their sweeter flavor in the cooler months, which means you need to wait for the colder season to harvest the carrots.

2. Cook Them

If you have already harvested the carrots and they don’t taste sweet and you want to fix the bitter flavor, you need to cook the carrots. This is because cooking will relieve the flavor because it can tone down the bitter flavors as compared to consuming them raw. To illustrate, cooking will break down the terpenoids which help reduce the bitter tones.

3. Correct Storage

It is time to understand that proper storage is essential to ensure the carrots don’t acquire the bitter flavor. For the most part, when carrots are stored with pears and apples, the release of ethylene gas from these fruits will result in the bitter flavor of carrots. For this reason, it is important to ensure proper storage of the carrots.

4. Additional Information On Reasons Behind Bitter Taste

When it comes down to the bitter flavor of the carrots, it’s obvious that there are different reasons behinds the bitter flavor. To begin with, the carrots need to be grown at specific temperatures to ensure the flavor is earthy, sweet, and fruity. That being said, the carrots need to be grown at 15-degrees Celsius to 18-degrees Celsius. If the temperature is increased, the taste will become bitterer.

If you plant your own vegetables, it is suggested to plant the carrots in the spring seasons. However, if your area doesn’t get the spring season, try to plant the carrots earlier. So, being careful about the planting temperature will surely help optimize the flavor!

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