3 Reasons Why Your Carrots Taste Like Soap

carrots taste like soap
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carrots taste like soap

Carrots are sweet-tasting root vegetables that are commonly used in our daily meals. In fact, it has multiple health benefits and can also help with weight loss. Also, we all have heard how the consumption of carrots improves eyesight. However, many people have been talking about carrots tasting like soap whenever they purchase fresh carrots. If you have had the same issue and didn’t know the reason, we are sharing more information on the matter!

Carrots Taste Like Soap

Whenever you purchase new vegetables, it’s obviously hard to understand what you are getting. Sure, they might look delicious and bright but they can have a weird flavor (hint: soapy flavor). Generally, carrots have a very significant flavor and the raw carrots taste a combination of an earthy, fruity, sweet, and bitter taste. For the most part, the central part has a sweet taste while the outer and upper part of the carrot tastes pretty bitter. On the other hand, as far as the soapy flavor is concerned, there are different reasons behind it.

The most common reason behind soap flavor is the higher concentration of terpenoids, which are volatile compounds. They are known to be the primary source of unique carrot flavor which is why the normal carrots have slight hints of bitter flavor but they aren’t too strong. If you are considering what leads to higher terpenoid concentration, it is caused by the higher temperature, improper storage conditions, and premature carrots.

1. High Temperature

Carrots are basically cool-season vegetables which is why they need to be grown at 60-degrees Fahrenheit to 65-degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature increases anything above 80-degrees Fahrenheit, the carrots will start developing bitterer flavor. Usually, the carrots have sugar which adds to the sweetness but. So, if the carrots were grown at higher temperatures, the taste will end up soapier.

2. Premature Harvest

When the carrots are pulled from the ground in the earlier stage, they will be soapy. This is because the terpenoids develop before sugar development. So, when the carrots are harvested in their premature form, they will obviously have a higher terpenoids percentage, which means it will lead to a soapy taste. For this reason, it is important to let the carrots grow to the optimal stage.

3. Improper Storage

Carrots might seem the tough vegetables but they need to be stored properly to ensure their freshness is well-maintained. For this reason, it is suggested to store the carrots in your fridge’s drawer. In addition, make sure that they are put away from pears and apples because they release ethylene gas, resulting in the soapy flavor. So, start storing the carrots properly and it will surely help keep up the freshness level.

To summarize, these are three primary reasons behind the soapy flavors and it’s obvious what you need to do to prevent the weird flavor. When purchasing the carrots, make sure that the exterior side has strong pigmentation and the leaves should be greener. This will help you ensure that carrots are fresh and will have a better flavor!

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