Can You Use Sushi Rice With Risotto? (3 Other Options)

can you use sushi rice for risotto
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can you use sushi rice for risotto

Italian food is delicate, fine, and everything nice. One such amazing recipe is risotto, and people are actually in love with this Italian rice recipe. What’s surprising is that rice is an essential part of this recipe and choosing the right rice variety is crucial. For this reason, people ask, “can you use sushi rice for risotto?” So, if you want an answer to this question, we are sharing the details!

Can You Use Sushi Rice With Risotto?

Risotto – What Is It?

It is the northern Italian rice recipe that is cooked with broth. The rice is cooked to reach the creamiest consistency. As for the broth, it can be made from vegetables, meat, and fish. Some people also add white wine, onion, parmesan cheese, and butter to add richness to risotto. This is basically one of the most popular ways of cooking rice. As far as the flavor is concerned, saffron is added to bring out the yellow color and flavor. In case you are concerned about the served, risotto is served as the first course (yes, even before the main course).

Sushi Rice – What Is It?

Now that we have talked about risotto, let’s talk about the sushi rice. To begin with, sushi rice is the steamed rice that is flavored with vinegar seasonings that will add significant flavor to sushi. As far as the specific rice variety is concerned, Japanese chefs use polished and medium-grain Japanese rice. These are basically medium-grained, and short-grained rice and are regularly use. It is actually different from regular rice varieties because the consistency is much stickier.

That being said, using sushi rice for risotto is more than fine because they have perfect consistency, and cooking this rice variety in the broth will actually enhance the flavor. However, there are some other rice varieties that are suitable for making risotto, such as;

1. Carnaroli

This rice variety is known to be the caviar or king of the risotto because it has an exceptional flavor and can retain its shape pretty well. In addition, using carnaroli can help create the creamiest risotto, and beginners can also use it (the rice is pretty forgiving). Lastly, the starch content is pretty high in this rice variety.

2. Arborio

Arborio is another rice variety that goes well in risotto, but it’s not much starchy. However, this rice variety is readily available in grocery stores. Arborio is basically the medium-grain rice that can overcook or become mushy. However, if you are a bit careful, rice will come out perfectly.

3. Vialone Nano

This is the short-grain rice variety that is native to Veneto, Italy. This is the most natural variety available because it doesn’t grow with chemicals. As for the starch content, it’s pretty high, and the cooking time is the quickest. Last but not least, it will help create a creamy recipe, so that’s the ultimate win. We do want to add that this rice variety is expensive.

To summarize, sushi rice is perfect for risotto, but there are three other varieties available for making risotto. However, if you cannot find these three varieties or sushi rice, you can opt for Baldo rice, cal riso rice, or maratelli rice. Still, keep in mind that jasmine rice or basmati rice aren’t suitable as they don’t have a sticky consistency.

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