Do You Wash Jasmine Rice?

do you wash jasmine rice
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do you wash jasmine rice

Who does not love eating rice? It’s one of the most popular types of food consumed all over the globe. Today, you can find different varieties of rice in the market. Jasmine rice is one of the popular choices when it comes to buying rice from a local market. This particular category of rice has a longer and thinner aroma as compared to most other categories of rice. On top of that, it has a pleasant and noticeable aroma.

Many people usually ask tons of questions regarding Jasmine Rice. One of the most commonly asked questions about Jasmine Rice is “Do you wash Jasmine Rice?” If you are also having trouble finding the answer to such a question then we will guide you and help you to solve your problem.

Do You Wash Jasmine Rice?

Generally, soaking or rinsing Jasmine Rice is an optional step. But there is always a debate about whether the rice should be washed or not? One group insists on washing the rice as it makes it clean. Whereas the other group demands not to wash the Jasmine rice as it washes away the nutrients.

When you wash Jasmine rice, it cleans the layer of dirt lying over the rice. Also, it will remove any chemicals left on the rice that was used during the milling process. However, there is a difference between rinsing the rice with water and soaking rice in the water. Rinsing gives the rice a clean finish.

However, soaking the rice kick starts the cooking process and disturbs the texture of the rice. We recommend not to soak the rice in water before cooking as it will make the rice soggy. While rinsing the rice with water, make sure to wash all the starch leftover which is visible in the form of discoloration of water. This will prevent the rice to clump over when cooking.

Jasmine rice is softer than other rice due to which they do not need a lot of water otherwise they will have a gummy texture. Therefore, it should be taken into account that the quantity of water used to rinse rice should normally be reduced to half in order to prevent the sogginess and gummy texture of the rice. Rinsing rice in the right way will slightly improve the fluffy texture of the rice.

Washing rice also depends on whether you are buying the rice from the retailer shop or simply from the rice farm. If you are buying rice from the rice farm then it is compulsory to give a rinse to the rice to remove the chemical preservatives and dirt lying over the rice. On the other hand, if you buy rice from a local retail shop, then you can simply skip the washing process and jump right into the cooking phase. This is because the rice has already gone through the rinsing process when it reaches the retail market.

The Bottom Line

While washing rice is a very common practice, the whole process still depends on where you have bought the rice from. Similarly, jasmine rice is a popular category of rice and is usually treated like any other traditional rice. If you wish to learn more, we highly suggest giving this article a thorough read!

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