Why Some People Put Grains of Rice in Their Salt Shakers?

rice in salt shakers
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rice in salt shakers

Salt is arguably the most important ingredient in most recipes out there. It is found in pretty much every household and there’s almost no dish out there in which it isn’t a key ingredient. It adds a lot more to the taste of most meals and many people eat it during breakfast, dinner, lunch, and pretty much any other type of meal that they’d have during the day.

Like a vast majority of people, you probably have a salt shaker in your home as well. They’re quite simple and helpful, but they have a small downside. Whenever a salt shaker is introduced to even the tiniest bit of moisture, the remaining salt inside of it can start to clump up. These clumps of salt are awfully annoying as they make it difficult to get salt out of the shaker. Luckily, there are a few tricks that people can use to avoid all of this completely.

You may have noticed that a lot of people put some grains of rice in their salt shakers. This is an interesting little trick used in some households and it is recommended that you try it out as well. If you’re interested in how to put a few grains of rice and help you, simply take a look below in order to see the effect that they have on the salt shaker.

Why some People Put Grains of Rice in Their Salt Shakers

As mentioned, clumps of salt usually form inside of salt shakers when they’re exposed to moisture. This means that this is can turn out to be a big problem at times, especially when the monsoon season arrives. Speaking of which, this is the reason why people tend to put rice inside of their salt shaker.

To be more specific, the grains of rice that you put inside of your will absorb all of the moisture that your salt might be exposed to. This means that the rice will keep your salt dry and will prevent it from clumping, even in the monsoon season. The trick is a great way to keep your salt from forming clumps and has no downsides, which is exactly why more and more people are starting to use it.

 All you have to do is add some grains of rice to your salt shaker and make sure that they’re large enough. Grains that are too small have a slight chance of slipping out of one of the holes on your salt shaker. If this happens, your salt will begin to form clumps again, which is something that you’ll obviously want to avoid.

Also, it is important to note that this trick isn’t exclusive for salt shakers only. You can also use it with other containers that you’re trying to protect from moisture. To put it simply, storing some rice in a container is more than enough to fix all your issues related to moisture and salt clumping up inside of the shaker.

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