3 Ways You Can Freeze Crab Rangoon

can you freeze crab rangoon
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can you freeze crab rangoon

Crab rangoons

Crab rangoons a – savory, crispy, soft – bite-sized American-Asian cuisine that is a plate cleaner in every American party. Crab rangoons aka crab puffs (when cooked with puff pastry) or cheese wontons are mostly served in American-Chinese and Thai restaurants.

Unlike most fusion foods, a crab wanton is not an Asian creation. Even though its origins are a bit unclear, the fact that this crispy appetizer was first sold in by a restaurant called Trader’s Vic is undeniable. Also, one of Crab Rangoon’s main ingredient, cream cheese, is something nonexistent in almost all Southeast Asian recipes.

A classic crab rangoon is made from 13 ingredients, cream cheese, crab meat, green onion, garlic, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Asian fish sauce, toasted sesame oil, black pepper, cyan pepper, salt, and wonton wrappers. The combination of cream cheese, crab meat, and crispy wontons is the ultimate secret that crowns these fired fusion dumplings as the ultimate appetizers.

Can You Freeze Crab Rangoon?

Storing crab rangoons

Can you store a box of cooked/uncooked crab rangoons inside the freezer? Yes, you can.

Whether you had some leftover crab rangoons or you had made a big batch for an upcoming party. Whatever it is, you can store uncooked/cooked crab rangoons inside a fridge or a freezer. But there is a procedure to follow when storing them inside a fridge/freezer, especially if the crab rangoons are not cooked.

  1. Not-cooked fridge

The proper procedure for storing uncooked crab rangoons inside a fridge is as follows:

  • You cannot store your crab rangoons inside a fridge for more than 2 days. Because crab meat, cream cheese, and the fridge itself contain a lot of moisture. The moisture will make your crab rangoons soggy and will ruin the taste.
  • Wanton wrappers will break if soaked in water for a long time.
  • Wonton wrappers are extremely thin and delicate. So long periods inside the fridge will suck the moisture out of its edges making them hard and unappetizing.
  • The temperature inside a typical fridge is not low enough to force every single bacteria into an inactive state, and as a result, food stored in the fridge for more than 2 days are susceptible to bacterial infection.
  • If you had wet the entire wanton wrappers when wrapping. Make sure to keep a small distance between each crab wanton because touching wet wantons will make them stick which will lead to undesirable results.
  1. Not-cooked freezer

The proper procedure for storing uncooked crab rangoons inside a freezer is as follows:

  • Spread your crab wontons over a baking tray then freeze them for 12 hours until completely firm. This is an important step when freezing your crab wontons. Because freezing room temp crab wantons together will make them stick, which will lead to undesirable results.
  • Place your crab wontons inside a plastic bag after they’re completely frozen. Use a vacuum sealer to pump excess moisture and air out of the plastic bag.
  • Using a freezer will let you freeze your crab wanton for up to 2 months.
  1. Cooked crab wontons

For cooked crab wontons, place them inside a plastic container and store them inside the fridge for 2 days and inside a freezer for 2 months.

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