Why Are Your Calphalon Pans Turning White?

calphalon pans turning white
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calphalon pans turning white

Calphalon is a popular kitchen brand because it offers lots of different great products to customers. They manufacture and retail kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers, cutlery sets, and more. A vast range of pans is also one of the many things that they sell. If you own one of these pans, you probably know that they are actually relatively good. You’ll rarely encounter any problems while using these pans, but there are a few that might still occur from time to time. One of these problems is when your Calphalon pan suddenly starts to lose its colour and become white.

Why Your Calphalon Pans are Turning White

Pans suddenly starting to turn white is a common problem and isn’t just exclusive for Calphalon pans. The issue is faced on a regular basis by most people and luckily isn’t anything too serious. The main reason why your Calphalon pans are starting to turn white is hard water. The white chalk-like material causing your pan to develop a white colour is actually the remainder of materials that contain magnesium and calcium. These materials are commonly found in hard water. You probably regularly use hard water through your tap to clean the Calphalon pans, which is why this problem occurred.

Luckily, the issue isn’t anything serious at all. The white chalk-like substance causing your pans to turn white isn’t harmful at all. It doesn’t even affect the taste of any food that you might try to prepare in your Calphalon pans. Regardless of this, most people still want to make the white colour go away as it makes the pan look unappealing. This is actually pretty easy to do, as all you have to do is follow the short guide below to make the chalk-like materials go away.

How to Make the White Colour Disappear

A simple rinse of water or dishwashing substances won’t help you get rid of this mess. In fact, they might end up making things even worse. Because of this, you should avoid using them completely and instead use a mixture of water and vinegar instead. Prepare a solution by mixing water and vinegar together. Put this solution inside the pan and make sure that all the white parts are completely dipped in it. Now put the pan on the stove and heat it till the point where the solution starts to boil.

Turn off the stove once the solution has started to boil and leave it be for a short amount of time. If you don’t see the shite colour on your pain slowly fading away, use a spoon or another similar item to mix the substance a bit more. Doing so will ensure that the materials causing your Calphalon pans to turn white will dissolve. Rinse the pan with a bit of cold water after getting rid of the water-vinegar mixture and dry it with a cloth or a wipe. Simply doing this will be enough to get rid of the white colour on your Calphalon pan and will make sure that it retains its original colour again.

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