How To Use Blackstone Scouring Pads? (A Simple Guide)

How To Use Blackstone Scouring Pads
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How To Use Blackstone Scouring Pads

Cooking on the Blackstone griddle is a fun activity, and the food is always delicious. However, to retain the quality and seasoned layer of the griddle, you need to clean the griddle as it can directly influence its longevity. Honestly, cleaning the griddle can be challenging with all the food particles and oil, but you can opt for the scouring pads to make the process easier. So, let’s see how these scouring pads can be used!

How To Use Blackstone Scouring Pads?

The Blackstone griddle has to be cleaned whenever you grill food on it to make sure the food residues and grease don’t build up on the griddle’s cooking surface. Keep in mind that it can eventually contaminate the food, and your food might lose its authentic flavor. Having said that, the scouring pads will speed up the cleaning process, and you can use the following steps to complete the cleaning such as;

  • First of all, you have to use water and soap to clean the contaminants and odors but make sure that you are rinsing thoroughly
  • Once the initial cleanup is done, let the surface dry
  • When it is fully dry, add some gentle dish cleaner to the surface (cover the entire cooking surface) and leave it for an hour or two
  • After this time, use the scouring pad to scrub the surface, and everything will start coming off. Keep in mind that you might have to scrub harder if you haven’t cleaned the griddle in a long time
  • Once the greasy and residual layers come off, clean it up with water
  • Now, add some mild soap to the surface and use the scouring pad again to clean the left-behind residues and wash
  • Lastly, just clean it with water and let the cooking surface dry up. When it is dried up, just cover it up to prevent the dust buildup

Additional Tips To Clean

Now that we have shared the step-by-step guide for cleaning, we have some additional tips to help you make the cleaning process securer and easier.

  • You should always use gloves while cleaning the griddle. In particular, you can use the heat-resistant gloves to keep your hands safe
  • Always scrap the griddle surface in every direction for in-depth cleaning. You should position the scouring pad at a 45-degree angle and apply some press to speed up the cleaning
  • You can use the rolled-up dishcloths or paper towels to wipe away the excess grease
  • If the grease and residual layer is strong, you can also pour some hot water on the griddle’s surface to soften up the layer but don’t forget to use the gloves
  • Once you are done with cleaning, you can use the dishcloths or paper towels to dry up the water
  • When you are done cleaning and drying up the surface, do apply a light layer of oil to protect the surface of the griddle (there are special Blackstone surface conditioners and seasoning sprays that you can use)

So, are you ready to clean the griddle, then?

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