Why Does Broccoli Smells Like Gas?

broccoli smells like gas
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broccoli smells like gas

Smelly and pungent-odor vegetables are very unpleasant to consume, especially for those who are influenced too much by the unpleasant odors. Broccoli is one of the most versatile and highly nutritious green vegetables, loaded with fibers. Moreover, broccoli has a beautiful shape and body. However, to some people, the smell of broccoli feels so ticklish and gas-like.

The unpleasantly strong aroma coming out of the broccoli really becomes too hard for some people to stay in the kitchen and cook it. Moreover, this gas-like smell even can put you off from cooking an amazingly fibrous vegetable such as broccoli next time. If you are wondering why broccoli smells like gas and want to know ways to get around it, you are in right place. Read on to have your relevant queries answered.

Why Does Broccoli Smells Like Gas?

Broccoli and other similar vegetables such as cauliflowers are cruciferous vegetables that have a high content of sulfuric compounds like hydrogen sulfides as compared to other vegetables. The pungent and ticklish gas like the smell of broccoli doesn’t start to pinch your nose until your broccoli has gone bad or has rotten. It happens most probably when you are cooking broccoli or simply when it has rotten.

Hydrogen sulfide is the same gas or compound that gives flatulence its signature unpleasant odor. Due to the presence of the same compound in broccoli, you feel a highly unpleasant gas-like smell from broccoli.

Is It Okay To Eat Broccoli That Smells Like Gas?

Now that you know why broccoli can sometimes smell like gas, the next thing you want to know is if you can eat broccoli that has that signature gas-like smell.

Well, it is NOT okay to eat broccoli that smells like gas as it is one of the signs that shows that your vegetable has gone bad. There are several other signs too that tell that broccoli isn’t okay to eat such as the appearance of pale yellow color, slimy molds, soft stem, shrinking texture, and dark heads. One of them is smelling unpleasant.

Fresh broccoli is supposed to smell as fresh as it is and shouldn’t contain any tickling smell. If you perceive that the odor of broccoli has turned highly unpleasant and gas-like, then there are higher chances of your broccoli going all bad. You shouldn’t consume such broccoli as it can harm your digestive system to some extent or cause food poisoning.

How Do You Prevent Broccolis From Smelling Bad?

Since vinegar has great bad odor absorbing properties, you may place it beside the cooking pot you are making broccolis in. It will absorb the smells. Another thing you may do is to put the bowl of baking soda and vinegar in separate bowls in the fridge near the broccoli, so the gas-like smell doesn’t spread.

Make sure to never keep the broccoli for days and days and finish it fresh so you don’t have to throw and discard the broccoli that smells like gas.

Always eat vegetables fresh and new.

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