5 Ways To Fix Water Not Boiling

water not boiling
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water not boiling

Sure, cooking is easy and you think boiling water is no brainer. Well, guys, some people fail to boil water not because they don’t know how to boil water (we sound silly even saying that) but because they are using the wrong techniques and pots. So, if the water not boiling issue is distancing you from boiling pasta, we have some fixes for you!

Ways to Fix Water Not Boiling

1. Interior

When you need to boil water, you need to make sure that the interior side of the pot is smooth. This is because water molecules need to be heated up consistently to boil up properly. On the other hand, if the interior side of the pot is rough, water might not boil. So, use the pot with a smooth interior. In addition, make sure that the interior has a sharp surface.

Also, by smooth, we mean that there must be no scratches. When it comes down to the pot, you should try using the stainless steel pot for boiling water because it promises quick heating. Even more, the stainless steel pots will have thin construction. On the other hand, the water won’t boil in silver or aluminum pots, so stay away from them.

2. Stove

For everyone who needs to boil water, stoves play an important role in addition to pots. This is because the glass top stoves or electric stoves will not boil the water properly (that splashing form). With this being said, we suggest that you use the gas stoves since it promises quick boiling. In addition to a gas stove, you can also use the electric kettle because it will boil water within two minutes.

3. Size

If you are unable to boil water, you need to consider the size of the pot and compare it with the burner. This is because if the burner is too small and the pot is bigger, the water won’t boil. So, just use the size of the pot that fits on the burner properly. Also, you need to keep in mind the circumference of the pot will directly influence the boiling time; the larger circumference will take longer for water to boil.

4. Lid

When you don’t put on the lid on the pot, it will take time to boil. In case the pot is big, the water might not even boil. So, it is suggested that you put on the lid on the lid because it retains heat and leads to boiling form. All in all, add the lid and watch the water boil within a few minutes. In addition to adding a lid on the top, make sure to increase the heat level by using a high flame.

5. Lukewarm Water

In case you aren’t able to boil water, there are high chances that you are boiling cold water. With this being said, we suggest that you use lukewarm water because it will boil quickly. In addition to using the lukewarm water, we suggest boiling less water to boil. This is because if you are trying to boil a large water quantity, boiling will take time.

water not boiling
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