10 Ways To Fix Bonavita Kettle Not Working

Bonavita Kettle Not Working
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Bonavita Kettle Not Working

The Bonavita electric kettle can be used to make coffee and tea, so it is helpful for coffee and tea lovers alike. It has a metallic color and a capacity of up to 1 liter. It also displays temperature in real-time, and you can adjust it in one-degree increments up to 212F.

With so much to offer, it’s little wonder that the Bonavita Kettle is a favorite of many. It is common for users to run into problems while using this kettle. If you’re also using the Bonavita kettle, here are the issues you may face and how to troubleshoot them.

How to Fix Bonavita Kettle Not Working?

  1. Power Supply

An improper power supply could be why your Bonavita kettle is not working. The kettle comes with a blue light that serves as an indicator that the device has been turned on. If the tea-making device has not been turned on, check your power supply.

Try plugging it into a different socket to determine whether it is the socket that is faulty or if there is a problem with the cord. A multimeter can come in handy in such a situation, where you can use it to ensure that your socket has a power supply. Also, make sure you have pushed the on/off button correctly.

Electrician inserting plug into power socket
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  1. Improper Lid Placement

Most new electric kettles now have a safety feature intact that prevents them from beginning to function if the lid has not been appropriately placed.

If your Bonavita kettle is not working, it may be because you have not adequately secured the cap. Recheck the top, and then try starting your kettle again. It should work this time.

  1. Inner Bug

As sure as there is the day after night, there is sure to be a bug with all things electric. You can not expect an electrical appliance to function for long without a bug messing up its operations. Similarly, your kettle may not be working because of some internal bug.

The best way to tackle this is to leave the Bonavita electric kettle alone for a while. That is, unplug the kettle from the power supply and leave it to rest. After sufficient time has passed, plug your kettle into a socket again. This should solve the bug issue for you.

Bonavita kettle in the kitchen
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  1. Problem With the Thermostat Fuse

The thermostat is a critical component of electric kettles. It controls the temperature, and any damage to the thermostat fuse can cause your electric kettle not to work.

If you think the thermostat fuse has been damaged (which usually happens when large currents pass through it), you should replace the fuse. Yes, replace, not fix, because fixing the fuse is impractical and inconvenient. Here is how you can fix the fuse in easy steps:

  1. Lose all the screws at the base of your electric kettle.
  2. Look for the thermostat fuse.
  3. Replace the fuse with a new one.
  1. Broken Base

Your Bonavita kettle may not be working because of a broken base. The base of a kettle may break because it has fallen down or because of overuse. In any case, it can cause the kettle not to work correctly. You will have to replace the kettle’s base to restore its functionality.

Broken Electric Kettle, Risk of Electric Shock
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We recommend you don’t do it yourself and let the experts handle this. Doing it yourself has the risk of the electric kettle getting damaged wholly and further becoming useless.

  1. Sparking at the Connecting Point

Sometimes, the connecting point of your electric kettle may begin sparking. It could be the reason why your kettle isn’t working, but more importantly, it can also be hazardous.

So, why is the connecting point sparking? Well, a loose connection or a dirty connector can cause sparks. Make sure the points are clean and that the connection is secure and tight.

It is essential to have a securely fixed connection because a loose connection can become the reason behind fuses and internal wiring damage.

  1. Kettle Body Shocking

Are you receiving shocks when you touch the kettle’s body? This is a difficult and scary problem to have. First of all, if you suspect the kettle body to shock, you must keep it entirely out of reach of children. They should not be able to touch it at all.

Man holding kettle
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You, too, should use rubber gloves when handling the electric kettle. Your Bonavita electric kettle may be shocking because the parts of the heating element may have somehow touched the kettle’s body.

Or, the terminal connector may have been broken, and the broken part came in contact with the kettle’s body.

If you think it is because of a broken heating element, you must have it repaired, given that it is salvageable. If not, then you should replace it. If the problem lies with the connector, that, too, needs to be changed.

  1. Heating Element Fired

In such electrical appliances, it is not uncommon for the heating elements to get fired and, in turn, cause the device to not work. This usually happens when water, or any other liquid, falls on the heating element.

Or when the kettle has been in use for too long. The only solution to this is changing the heating element to get your Bonavita kettle working again.

  1. The Kettle is Not Producing Boiling Water

Kettle plug
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Have you been trying to make coffee or tea, and the water in your Bonavita kettle can be called lukewarm at best? Have you had to face embarrassment in front of guests at the hands of your misbehaving electric kettle? Well, the fault isn’t solely the kettle here. Let us explain how.

When we make tea or coffee, there is a high chance of buildup inside the kettle. Have you ever noticed that the inside of your kettle’s walls are not shiny anymore, have changed their original color, and are somewhat cloudy?

That’s the buildup we are talking about. It is especially common in those households that use hard water, which has a higher percentage of salts.

  • Descaling the Kettle

If you don’t want to drink lukewarm coffee anymore, you need to descale your kettle. You can do this by using a cleaning solution or, as we recommend, vinegar. With vinegar and a soft sponge, you can scrub the insides of your kettle, and that will free it of the salt buildup.

If you choose to go for a cleaning solution instead, please use one that is mild and gentle, for you do not want the inside of your kettle to get ruined.

  • If you use your electric kettle more than four to five times a day, then you must descale your kettle often.
  • If you have a soft water supply, then you should descale your kettle every three months or so.
  • If you use hard water to make tea or coffee, then your kettle will need descaling every month.
  1. Cleaning the Bonavita Kettle

Keeping your Bonavita kettle clean is the prerequisite for longer life with lesser issues. You can clean the kettle’s body and base by using a damp towel.

Regularly wash the inside with a block of mild dish soap to prevent buildup, and descale it as instructed above. Once cleaned, dry it thoroughly before you begin using it again.

The Bottom Line

Bonavita kettle on the table
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Bonavita kettles are straightforward devices that are super easy to operate. Their simplicity is what attracts most people to them. In addition to simple engineering, they have some excellent safety features.

We hope this article was helpful in solving any issue you had with the Bonavita kettle. If the solutions do not work for you, it is best to contact a professional and let them handle the kettle.

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