Ninja Foodi Oven Heating Element On And Off: 3 Fixes

ninja foodi oven heating element on and off
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ninja foodi oven heating element on and off

A heating element is one of the most crucial parts of the Ninja Foodi oven. Whenever you take a look inside the oven, you will see a bunch of coils at the top and bottom of the oven. These are called heating elements of the oven.

How to Fix Ninja Foodi Oven Heating Element On and Off?

As already mentioned above, heating element is an important part of the oven. Unfortunately, many users seem to be facing different issues with the oven. According to these users, their Ninja Foodi oven heating element turns on and off.

This results in their food getting ruined. In order to help such users, we will be using this article to share a few troubleshooting steps. These troubleshooting steps are all in the form of instructions that can be easily followed. All of them are mentioned down below:

  1. Faulty Thermostat in Oven

Thermostat is another part of the oven that can be found near its healing element. While cooking a food, a thermostat helps the user determine the exact temperature of their food. In this way, they can successfully cook their food once it reaches a certain temperature.

Also, you may have already guessed how a thermostat is directly connected to the heating element of the oven. This is why it is possible that the reason why your heating element is turning on and off is simply because you have a faulty thermostat. If that is the case, then you will have to get the thermostat replaced.

  1. Faulty Heating Element

Another reason why the heating element is not working could be because the heating element is faulty. Before you start thinking about getting the component replaced, we recommend that you at least try to check it. It could be that the oven or heating element was simply in need of maintenance.

However, if that does not seem to fix the issue then you will have to get the heating element of the oven checked. Most probably, you will have to get the whole component of the oven replaced.

  1. Getting the Whole Oven Checked

If both of the above-mentioned steps didn’t seem to work, then you might have to get the whole oven checked by some professional. At this point, the issue might as well be due to anything which can only be determined by getting the whole item checked.

Ideally, we’d recommend you get a replacement if both of the above steps don’t work. It is also possible that you have a faulty unit altogether.

The Bottom Line

Ninja Foodi oven heating element turning on and off? Following the 3 steps mentioned in the article should help you be able to easily fix the issue for good. Do make sure that you give the article a thorough read.

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