How to Fix Oven Heating Element Broken in Half?

oven heating element broken in half
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oven heating element broken in half

Many people who have been using ovens in the kitchen for a long are surely familiar with just how helpful they are. Ovens have been around for many years now, and have been handy since the very start for a number of different cooking-related things

. There have been many changes made to them as time has gone on to make them more suitable for modern use, and a lot of these changes were certainly for the better. But regardless of the type of cooking oven, one is using, one of the most important parts of the tool is always going to be the heating element.

Heating elements, as their name suggests, have a big part to play in the heating process involved in ovens. Without them, it isn’t safe nor too effective to use the oven to prepare foods. If the heating element in your oven was recently broken and you’re looking to fix it, we’re here to help in the best way we can.

That is to provide all users encountering this issue with the main reasons for why their oven heating element is broken in half, along with the solution for it.

How to Fix Oven Heating Element Broken in Half?

The very first thing that users need to know before continuing reading below is that there isn’t exactly a “fix” for the specific heating element in their oven which was broken in half. These elements are materials used to manage and control the flow of heat in the appliance and are capable of withstanding very high temperatures.

However, they can only withstand them for so long. Eventually after some time, due to being exposed to such high temperatures on a regular basis, they start melting and becoming weaker and weaker each day.

They are built to last for a considerably long time, and they usually do so. But there comes a time that they completely melt because of the previously mentioned heat. In other cases, they become so weak due to being exposed to the aforementioned heat that they snap in half.

This is likely the exact reason why the heating element inside of your oven ended up breaking as well. To make sure that users are prepared for the next time something like this is about to happen, make sure to check the heating element every few days for any blisters or marks that it might have. These indicate when they’re about to break.

As for solutions, as already mentioned, there’s no way to fix the exact heating element which was broken in half. Repairing it by reverting it back to its original state will do you no good since it will break in very little time anyway.

Additionally, it can be very dangerous to do so since using a damaged heating element is very unsafe. So there are two major reasons why all those encountering this problem should avoid ever having their broken heating element repaired. There is one solution to try out though, which is the only recommended solution of them all.

Getting Your Oven’s Heating Element Replaced

The only real solution to this common problem is to get the heating element replaced. As already mentioned, it’s very common for all oven users to encounter this issue every now and then because it’s simply how the heating element works.

Once the little component inside your oven finally dies down and breaks in half, the only thing left to do is the get rid of the old one and get a new one to put inside of the oven. Since replacing it isn’t an option, it makes sense for this to be the only logical solution.

You should contact someone who can supply you with a new heating element or look up one online and order it. Make sure that you only get the ones that are capable of fitting inside of the specific oven that you have, otherwise, it won’t be of any use to you. Once this is done, users should be able to easily attach the element to the oven themselves and start using it like they always do.

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