3 Ways To Fix Aroma Rice Cooker Not Working

aroma rice cooker not working
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aroma rice cooker not working

As their name suggests, rice cookers are fairly simple automated kitchen appliances that are used to cook rice. They are used quite commonly and have actually become quite popular, which is why a lot of kitchen appliance manufacturers have started to retail them. One of these manufactures includes Aroma, a company that has become quite popular for its production of all sorts of different kitchen appliances.

Aroma Rice Cooker Not Working: How To Fix

Aroma’s rice cookers are quite popular for a number of different reasons. They are simple and easy to use and don’t provide many problems. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll work perfectly all the time. As you continue using your Aroma rice cooker, you’re bound to face an issue sooner or later. This issue can turn out to be serious, causing the rice cooker to stop working completely. Here’s what you can do to fix the problem whenever you face it.

  1. Replace the Battery

There is a battery inside your rice cooker that is one of its key components. This means that the cooker won’t be able to properly work when said battery needs to be replaced. This battery is known as a lithium battery and is found in most modern rice cookers. It is responsible for supporting most of the features that your Aroma rice cooker is able to perform.

In order to check the status of your battery, simply take a look at the cooker’s display. The battery needs to be replaced if the display is showing you nothing but multiple zeroes. You can purchase a lithium battery from a hardware store near your home or simply order it from an online marketplace.

  1. Check the Power Supply

It is very plausible that there are some problems with the power supply if your Aroma rice cooker isn’t working at all. For example, it is possible that the power outlet that you have connected your rice cooker to is faulty. Try to connect it to another outlet around your home to see whether or not this is the case.

A faulty power cord is also very possible. It is likely that your power cord was damaged due a surge or something else of the sort. Your device won’t be able to get the amount of power that it needs to properly run if the power cord is damaged even a little bit. You’ll obviously have to get your Aroma rice cooker repaired if this happens to be the problem.

  1. Check the Thermal Fuse

A thermal cutout is a very common problem with all rice cookers, which is why you should probably check your cooker’s thermal fuse. Simply open the cooker through the bottom and check for thermal cutoffs. These usually occur as a result of overheating, which is why they’re so common among rice cookers. You’ll have to seek help from a professional if a thermal cutoff is a problem with your Aroma rice cooker.

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