Anova Sous Vide Not Heating: 4 Ways To Fix

anova sous vide not heating
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anova sous vide not heating

Sous vide cooking technique has gained immense popularity over time. This is because it perfectly cooks food without losing the flavor and tenderness. Sous vide is all about putting food in the vacuum bag and using water bath for slowly cooking food.

For the same reason, Anova has designed the sous vide device for people who are fans of sous vide. However, Anova sous vide not heating can be intimidating. With this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods!

Anova Sous Vide Not Heating

1) Heating Element

Sure, the sous vide is all about cooking food in the vacuum bag, but it’s still loaded into the container. So, if the heating element isn’t working or has malfunctioned, it will not heat up.

Consequently, the food will not cook properly. For checking the heating element, you can try removing the metal sleeve from the unit and touch the heating rods.

If the heating rods are slightly warm, it means that the heating element is defective. That being said, just call Anova to fix the heating element. However, if you don’t have a warranty on the unit, you can call any third-party technician that you want.

2) Temperature Setting

In some cases, there will be heating issues if you have been trying to set the temperature from the smartphone app. We understand that monitoring and controlling the temperature of Anova sous vide is convenient with the smartphone app, but it doesn’t work all the time. For this purpose, we suggest that you check the temperature settings and make sure it’s set correctly.

In addition, if the temperature seems fine on the app, you can change the temperature manually. We would suggest that you clear up the network settings on the sous vide unit and make sure there are no incorrect settings hindering the temperature and heat-up. So, once the settings are deleted, you will be able to change the temperature manually.

3) Power Cable & Plug

When it comes down to the heating issue, there are higher chances of issues in the power cable and power plug. Firstly, you need to inspect the power cable and look for the physical damages. In case there are physical damages, it’s likely that the electrical signal transmission is disrupted, which is causing the heating issues.

Secondly, the power plug might be faulty and is not receiving the electrical signals. If you are suspecting issues with the power plug, it’s best to replace the power plug. Also, if the power cable is damaged, you must get it replaced. Also, don’t forget to push in the power switch to make sure the sous video works perfectly.

4) Power Supply

The power supply issues can directly influence the performance and functionality of Anova sous vide. We are saying this because if the power supply is poor, the sous vide will have a hard time heating up. In that case, we suggest that you plug it in the suitable and functional power supply. In simpler words, you can connect the Anova sous vide with another power outlet.

The final verdict is that these troubleshooting methods will fix the heating issues. However, if the heating issue is still there, just call Anova customer support!

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