Sous Vide vs Instant Pot- Which One’s More Effective?

sous vide vs instant pot
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sous vide vs instant pot

Sous Vide

Sous Vide is a widely used technique for cooking that ensures the food that you cook retains its moisture and is not uncooked. For cooking using sous vide, the person must first use a medium, such as plastic, glass, or silicone to wrap his food inside it.

Afterward, the food is then cooking after it is put inside water. One important thing to note here is that cooking through sous vide usually takes more time than normal. As a result, it may take even days before your food is cooked.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot is a popular multicooker that is used to cook your food by applying different methods. As it is basically a multicooker, you can easily use an Instant Pot in order to cook food in different ways. It is mainly designed to accommodate ease of use.

Similarly, the device is incredibly simple to use. This is why it is being widely used in different regions of the world. Through an Instant Pot, the possibilities of cooking your food are countless. With just a single tap, you are able to slow cook, or even fry your food, however, you like.

Sous Vide vs Instant Pot

We have seen a number of users on the internet try and compare sous vide vs Instant Pot. Even though there isn’t much of a comparison between the two as both of them are completely different things, these users still seem to think about which one they should use to cook their food.

This is why today; we will be taking a look at all the differences between sous vide vs Instant Pot. So, without wasting any time further, let’s take a look!

  1. Cooking Temperature

When comparing both of them against each other, one of the first things that come into the mind is what’s the temperature and how it will rise. For a sealed Instant Pot, the temperature will go up fairly quickly. Another thing that you may be able to notice about the Instant Pot is that it actually works similarly to pressure cookers and ovens.

On the other hand, sous vide will gradually raise the temperature. Even after it has successfully reached the temperature, it will then remain that temperature until the food is cooked. Also, in sous vide, the pot isn’t necessarily heated. Instead, the main focus is on heating the water where you will put your food.

  1. Cooking Time

Another noticeable difference between both methods for cooking is how long it takes for them to cook your food. As Instant Pot is a multicooker, it can cook your food almost instantaneously. Even for foods that take time to cook, Instant Pot can help cook them in incredibly faster times. Not only that, but you will also have more accessibility.

Unfortunately, sous vide is a very slow method of cooking your food. Even if you take foods that are cooked easily, sous vide is a process that will take more time than usual in cooking the food. Hence, if you want your food to be cooked quickly, then sous vide might not be ideal.

  1. Quality of Food

While sous vide does take plenty of time in order to cook your food, the major benefit of cooking your food in this process is that you won’t be losing much quality of the food. In fact, all of your food will be cooked evenly, and it will even maintain the food’s moisture.

By no means does this mean that Instant Pot will cook bad quality food. The benefit of using Instant Pot here is that you will have more options on how you cook your food. But if you aren’t mindful about the cooking process, you may end up ruining your food.

The Bottom Line

Comparing sous vide vs Instant Pot, there are plenty of differences between both cooking processes. As a matter of fact, both of them is a completely different process for cooking your food. Through this article, we have managed to explain some of the biggest differences between them. In order to learn more, refer to the article.

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