3 Substitutes For Adzuki Beans That You Can Use

adzuki beans substitute
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adzuki beans substitute

Adzuki beans are widely cultivated in East Asia, but they are exported to the entire world due to their taste and texture. They are some of the most demanded beans throughout the world. But, what if you need to make Adzuki beans, and you do not have access to beans available at your home.

Most of the people may be asking that can they replace Adzuki beans with some other beans. If yes, then what kind of beans can replace the Adzuki beans. This article will let you know about some of the best substitutes that will be replacing the Adzuki beans in your dishes. If you need to replace Adzuki beans, then be with us till the end of this article.

Best Substitute For Adzuki Beans

Replacing Adzuki Beans

There’s nothing in this globe that can replace another with all of its qualities, but some similar food items can replace each other to a level that you will not feel the difference. When we talk about Adzuki beans, then many other beans can replace them perfectly. Below we’ve provided you with the best possible substitutes for the Adzuki beans.

1. Kidney Beans

If you are thinking of replacing the Adzuki beans, there is no better option than replacing them with Kidney beans. They are so identical that most of the time, people confuse Adzuki beans with the Kidney beans. However, those who possess some knowledge about the Adzuki beans can easily differentiate between both the Adzuki and the Kidney beans.

So, when you run out of the Adzuki beans or add a different flavor to your dish, replacing Adzuki with Kidney beans is never a bad idea. Both of them identical in texture and do not vary much in taste too. You need to ensure that you’re using an equal amount of kidney beans while replacing them with the Adzuki beans. Try Kidney beans in place of Adzuki beans, and you will love this change.

2. Red Beans

Here most of you would argue that when we have mentioned kidney beans, why on earth we are talking about Red beans. Red beans may look similar to kidney beans, and you may consider both of them as one, but they are two different kinds of beans. Now, when you are not witnessing any difference among three of the bean, you may consider how better they can replace each other. 

Red beans are round in shape can be used in most of the dishes in place of the Adzuki beans. Along with it, the red beans are also good to use in the salads. If you are going to use red beans in place of the Adzuki beans, there will be no issue. You are good to use red beans in place of Adzuki beans. It will provide a great and unique taste to your dish and help you to change your taste.

3. Black Turtle Beans

The black beans or the black turtle beans are one of those beans that you hardly use in your dishes, and this is why most people do not know more about it. The black turtle beans are good in taste, and they also contain some great minerals, and they’re also good sources of vitamins and proteins. 

If we talk about replacing the Adzuki beans with the black turtle beans, there is no issue. Beans, no matter of what kind, can replace each other with ease. They all are a good source of minerals and vitamins. So, if you were thinking of replacing Adzuki beans with black turtle beans, then go ahead and put the beans on the flame.

Where Not To Replace Adzuki Beans?

You can easily replace beans with each other, but when you make a dessert out of the Adzuki beans, then do not try to replace them with other kinds of beans. It can ruin your dessert taste so when you are making dessert, try your best to use the same beans as suggested.


In the draft, we have provided you with some of the best substitutes for the Adzuki beans. The draft will enrich you with such knowledge that will help you to replace the Adzuki beans perfectly. Follow the article and try the substitute given in it. Let us know about your experience in the comment section.

adzuki beans substitute
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