Why Is My Wok Sticky After Seasoning?

wok sticky after seasoning
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wok sticky after seasoning

Woks are common or rather popular among Chinese and Asian households with their ability to cook food evenly and quickly. However, the real flavor comes from the seasoning, but many people struggle with wok sticky after seasoning. If you don’t like the sticking texture, we are sharing what can be done to avoid it!

The Wok Is Sticky After Seasoning – What Should You Do?

Seasoning is extremely common in woks, and it works perfectly to create the nonstick layer for the wok. For the most part, the heated oils are used for creating the formidable coating that will protect the wok’s surface and ensure it doesn’t stick (it sounds ironic, right?). However, the real problem is incorrect seasoning, and if the damage is already done, we are sharing what you can do to prevent sticking.

To begin with, whenever you use oil for cooking food, a nonstick and natural surface is formed on the wok which is because of the oil polymers sticking together to the metal when ample heat is applied. As far as the seasoning method is concerned, it includes cleaning the wok and removing the black residues. After the residues are cleared, the woks are lightly oiled and are baked at a high temperature (yes, the oven) to create perfect seasoning.

If you season the wok regularly, it shouldn’t have the sticky texture, and it actually creates the coating that prevents food from burning. That being said, when you are trying to avoid stickiness, it’s better to opt for silicone scrubbers since these flat tools help retain the appearance of the wok. It does that by removing the cooked food particles without impacting the seasoning. On the other hand, if the wok gets sticky whenever you cook food, there are the following reasons behind it.

  • First of all, oil is crucial for seasoning, but if you apply excessive oil during the cooking or seasoning process, it will create a sticky layer. For this purpose, you need to learn how to clean the wok properly
  • The second reason behind the stickiness is improper heating before you cook food. In simpler words, when you cook food in the cold wok with cold oil, the sticky layer will start developing on the wok

On the other hand, when you are cleaning the wok properly and seasoning it properly, it is highly likely to shin. In addition to the shiny appearance, the wok will be smooth upon touch and look dark black. Remember, if the wok isn’t seasoned properly, it will have a rough appearance, and all you need is proper seasoning to fix the stickiness.

That being said, if you don’t know how to fix improper seasoning, you will simply need to remove the seasoning with the help of soapy water and scrub bud. With this process, you need to apply gentle pressure on the seasoning and be consistent until the seasoning is wiped away. Once the old seasoning is cleared, you can simply re-season the wok and make sure the wok is hot enough.

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