Range Hood Fan Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

range hood fan not working
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range hood fan not working

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in your house. Additionally, when preparing meals, the user has to keep their stove on. This paired up with refrigerators running in your kitchen can produce a lot of heat which will make it difficult to stay in the room. Another thing to keep in mind is that the user cannot even switch on their fans as these will put out the flame on their stoves.

Considering this, companies have come up with range hoods that can be installed instead. These ensure that all the air within your kitchen is circulated properly. Furthermore, these give the room a stylish look but there are a few issues that you can get with the devices as well.

The most common one is that the fan on your range hood is not working. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some steps that can help in fixing this problem.

Range Hood Fan Not Working

  1. Clean the Device

The first thing that you should note when using range hoods is that these devices take out all the air from your kitchen and exhaust it outside the house. While doing this, the smoke and air can also contain moisture, oil, and other substances. While some of these will be thrown out of your home, the rest of these substances will stick to the walls of your exhaust pipe and the fan itself.

Considering this, you must run maintenance on the device frequently to avoid getting these substances collected. If you had not been doing so, then that might be why the fans in your range hood are not working. Simply cleaning off the device should fix this problem.

  1. Fan Switch Might Be Broken

Aside from the device is clean, another reason why the fans can stop working is because of the switch being broken. Though, before trying to replace the switch, you should note that the fan motor in your range hood can break as well.

You can only test this by using a voltmeter to take readings of the continuity in your switch. If you notice that it is faulty then simply replacing it will fix the problem. However, if you notice that the issue is from your motor then you can troubleshoot your device a little further before getting this replaced.

  1. Check Configurations

Most range hoods have a control panel on them that can be used to input commands and instructions on the device. Considering this, sometimes the user can accidentally set a timer on their range hood which will only start the fan once the time runs out.

Alternatively, you might be having trouble with adjusting the fan speed of your device. Go through the manual to help you with setting these up so that you can start using the range hood without any issues. Although, if you have checked all of these then the only reason why your fan might not be working can be due to the motor on it being defective.

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