Will Green Tomatoes Turn Red Inside (5 Things To Know)

will green tomatoes turn red inside
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will green tomatoes turn red inside

Tomatoes are one of the most used ingredients in cooking recipes and salads. This is the prime reason that everyone has tomatoes in their pantry but some people grow their own tomatoes as well.

People who grow their own tomatoes often struggle to ripen the tomatoes and make them red, which is why they end up plucking the tomatoes earlier when they are still green.

So, if your tomatoes are green and want to ripen them inside, we are sharing different methods with you!

Ways To Ripen The Green Tomatoes Inside

If you grow your own tomatoes, it’s recommended that you pick them when they have a few red spots on them because it indicates that the ripening process has started.

The tomatoes tend to continue ripening even after they are picked. The tomatoes produce ethylene gas, which promotes the ripening process.

This is why commercial tomato producers pick the tomatoes when they are green and introduce them to ethylene-rich environments during shipping, which helps with ripening.

In most cases, the tomatoes become green before they reach you but there are some methods that you can try to promote the ripening process.

  1. Use Bananas

The bananas are known to produce ethylene gas, which helps ripen the green tomatoes. For this reason, it’s recommended that you put your green tomatoes with ripening bananas and they will start turning red.

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For this purpose, you have to wash and dry your green tomatoes and put them in the brown paper bag. Then, put a ripening banana in the bag and fold the bag’s end, and put it in a warm and dark place.

Once you’ve packed the bananas and tomatoes together, you must check on them regularly because half-ripened fruits and veggies can attract fruit flies.

In case the banana’s green tinges have turned yellow, it’s recommended that you replace it with a greener banana. The banana will produce ethylene gas that helps ripen the tomatoes.

However, make sure that you put the brown bag in a dark and non-humid area to prevent spoilage. In addition, the unripe tomatoes should be stored away from the sunlight.

  1. Use Paper Bag

If you have only a few green tomatoes, it’s recommended that you put them all in a paper bag, close the bag by folding its edges, and put it in a dark and warm location.

paper bag
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It will keep the tomatoes closer, which promotes the release of ethylene gas, which stimulates ripening. In addition, it’s recommended that you add an apple to promote the ripening process.

Lastly, make sure you check the bag for mold daily, and don’t forget to remove the spoiled tomatoes because they can spoil the healthy ones as well.

  1. Use Box

Another tip is to use a shoebox or a cardboard box. For this purpose, you have to put the green tomatoes in a box in one layer (don’t overcrowd the box).

Also, make sure the box is properly closed, so close down the lid. In addition, it’s recommended that you put a weight on the box lid to make sure the built-up ethylene gas isn’t released into the air.

  1. Use Windowsill

If the tomatoes have red hints or patches, we recommend that you put the unripe tomatoes on the windowsill – it will ensure that the tomatoes get the sunlight that’s essential for ripening.

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Make sure you inspect the tomatoes daily and put them in the refrigerator once they have turned red.

  1. Use The Vines

Another option is to pull up the entire tomato plant, including its vines, roots, and fruit, and hang it upside down in the home.

It will ensure that your tomato plant is alive and utilize the leftover energy to ripen the green tomatoes rather than producing new flowers and leaves.

However, make sure that you remove as much soil as possible by shaking it before hanging the tomato vines.

Common Reasons Behind Tomatoes Not Ripening

Now that you know the right way of ripening green tomatoes and turning them red, it’s important to understand the common reasons behind tomatoes not ripening.

tomatoes plant
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These tips will be beneficial for people who grow their own tomatoes at home.

  1. Warm Temperature

If the tomatoes are still on the vine and aren’t turning red, there are chances that the temperature is too high because tomatoes are temperature-sensitive.

Ethylene is the common ripening ingredient for tomatoes but the temperature impacts when the pigment starts to change. So, to grow tomatoes, you should ensure a temperature range of 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

In particular, the temperature shouldn’t exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit (there is a small margin). The high temperature can halt the ripening process, which is why you should put them in colder areas to promote ripening.

  1. Excessively Low Temperature

It’s safe to say that temperature extremes can halt the tomatoes’ ripening process. The optimal temperature range is 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

temperature control
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So, if the temperature falls below 68-65 degrees Fahrenheit, the ripening process will be adversely impacted. For this reason, you’ve to measure the temperature and put the tomatoes in a warmer area.

Another option is to protect your tomato plants with an old bed sheet, plastic tarp, or row cover as it produces a warmer environment.

  1. Stressed Vines

The tomatoes have limited energy like other plants, and if they consume energy to grow flowers and leaves, they won’t have sufficient energy to turn green tomatoes red.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you prune the tomato plant every six weeks – you can use shears or scissors to trim the vines.

Pruning discourages the tomato plant from blossoming (blossoming can consume too much energy). In addition, it improves airflow, which prevents infection.

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, it’s completely possible to turn the green tomatoes red inside but you have to be careful about the storage.

In particular, the tomatoes should be kept away from moisture and humidity, so look for a dark, warm, and dry part of the pantry!

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