Why Is Canned Tuna So Cheap?

why is canned tuna so cheap
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why is canned tuna so cheap

Today, tuna is served in different forms all around the world. Canned tuna is a quick and easy way of eating tuna as any other canned food that you can buy in the market.

Why Is Canned Tuna So Cheap?

If you have ever gone to the market to get some tuna, you will often notice how canned tuna is actually a lot cheaper in price compared to fresh tuna. Due to this, we have had many people ask the question of why is canned tuna so cheap?

While there are a number of reasons due to which you will notice its price to be not as much as a fresh tuna, we will be looking at all of them! Using the article, we will be explaining everything that you need to know about why you can find this particular product in the market at such a cheap price.

  1. Canned Tuna Is Different

As already explained earlier, there are plenty of different types of tuna. Similarly, canned tuna is actually one of the cheapest forms of tuna that you can get in the market. The reason behind it is simply because canned tuna being albacore.

For those of you who are unaware of what albacore is, it is basically white meat. This is also why canned tuna is usually not used in recipes like steaks, tartare, or even sushi. As canned tuna shouldn’t be used in any of these recipes, it isn’t as premium or good as the traditional fresh tuna you can get at a more expensive price.

On the other hand, a bluefin is a form of fresh tuna which is usually really expensive. You will often find it being used in sushi and restaurants.

Comparing fresh quality tuna to a canned tuna would be like comparing a duck to a chicken. Even if both of them are poultry, they are still different kinds of food, and are used in different case scenarios which is why chicken is much cheaper than ducks. The same is the case with canned tuna and fresh tuna.

  1. Quality

Similar to the previous reason explained in the article, canned tuna does not have any premium ingredients inside it. It is just simple albacore being served inside a can. In contrast, fresh tuna is carefully picked and sold in different markets. Its meat is of much higher quality which is also why you will see it being used in plenty of dishes.

While canned tuna is still tuna as well, but it comes nowhere as close to the traditional fresh tuna you will find in the market. It has a base white meat which isn’t even suitable to be used in dishes like steaks as mentioned before.

  1. Easier to Find and Purchase

Albacore, which is usually found in canned tuna, belongs to a specific type of species that are really easy to catch and can be processed in very large quantities. In more simple words, all the process from catching these types of tuna to getting them in the local market is quite simple.

On top of that, canned tuna can also be stored without a refrigerator for an extended period of time. As a result, canned tuna can actually be shipped for a cheaper price when compared to fresh tuna. There are also fewer risks attached to canned tuna as it won’t be getting spoiled that easily. This all contributes to the low price of the product.

The Bottom Line:

Whenever you go out to buy yourself tuna, you might ask yourself the question “Why canned tuna is so cheap?”. Due to canned tuna using a lower quality of white meat, and being really easy to store and ship, you will find it to be a lot cheaper than fresh tuna. If you wish to learn more, be sure to read our article!

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