5 Reasons Why Does Freezer Make Food Taste Bad

why does my freezer make my food taste bad
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why does my freezer make my food taste bad

The freezer is an essential kitchen appliance and an important part of the refrigerator for storing food. Ranging from freezing leftover food to storing fresh veggies, the freezer is meant to keep everything safe to eat for a longer time. However, there are times when the freezer starts adding bad flavor to the bad. So, if you are wondering, why does my freezer make my food taste bad? We have the information that you must know!

Why Does My Freezer Make My Food Taste Bad?

1. Storage Method

First of all, you should be checking out the storage method of your food. That’s to say because when the food is not stored properly, it loses the flavor and often goes foul. As a result, the food will taste bad when you take it out from the freezer. Ideally, you should be using airtight containers for storing the food and make sure air and moisture don’t seep into the containers. Keep in mind that the right packaging will help avoid flavor and smell transfer between the stored food items. So, invest in some airtight containers if you are big on storing food in the freezer.

2. Freezer Burn

Freezer burn is another reason behind bad flavor in food when it’s taken out of the freezer. To illustrate, the ice crystals will be formed on the food items, including meat, when water molecules separate from the area and dehydrate them. So, you need to check for the freezer burner because it can create a bad odor and has the capacity of changing the texture and flavor of the food. For the same reason, you must ensure proper storage methods for food to reduce the chances of freezer burn.

3. Clean Up

If you haven’t cleaned the freezer for a long time, it will have a higher chance of creating a foul smell in the unit. This is because the freezer often has some food particles lying on the freezer’s surface that have gone bad and will add a foul smell to the food. For this reason, you need to ensure regular cleaning of the freezer. In fact, you can check the manual and see how frequently you should be cleaning the freezer to prevent the transfer of odor and taste.

4. Old Food

If you have frozen some food items for too long in the freezer, it could become a reason behind the bad flavor. This is because the food items have a specific shelf life even when you freeze the food. So, if the food has been left in the freezer for too long, it will lead to a bad smell and taste. The right approach is to label the food when you are storing it in the freezer and check the date before you consume it. It is important to have proper information on how long a specific food item will last, and use it accordingly. In simpler words, if the food is too old, you should just toss it out rather than a complaint about the bad taste later.

5. Water Filter

The freezers are designed with a water filter, and it is responsible for removing contaminants from the water that circulates in the furniture. On the other hand, when the water filter is clogged, and you have been using it for too long, it will add a bad odor to the food, and it will start smelling bad. In simpler words, if you haven’t changed the water filter in three months, now is the time to change the water filter. As for changing the water filter, you can check the instruction manual and learn how to change the water filter. Not to forget, you should purchase a new water filter from the reputed electric appliance store.

How To Prevent Bad Smell In Freezer?

Now that we have shared common reasons behind the bad smell in your freezer, let’s check out some easy fixes that will help prevent the bad taste and smell in food. So, have a look!

  • You can add some baking soda to the freezer as it works great at absorbing the bad flavors
  • If you are a pet owner, you can also use clean kitty litter and spread it in your freezer. As a result, you won’t have to struggle with a bad taste
  • Use cookie sheets and sprinkle them with fresh coffee because it works a great job at absorbing bad flavors. you can keep the coffee inside for at least 24 hours
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