Why Does Egg Custard Go Watery? (2 Major Reasons)

Why Does Egg Custard Go Watery? 
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Why Does Egg Custard Go Watery?

Custard is one of the most popular dishes in the whole world. Throughout different regions, there are a wide variety of custard recipes that are being eaten today. Each one of these recipes has its own unique taste and distinct look. 

Why Does Egg Custard Go Watery? 

Egg custard, being one of the most common forms of custard, is also the simplest to make. However, people still end up messing with the recipe one way or the other. That being said, while making an egg custard, you may notice the custard’s texture to be weird.  

This is actually a pretty common mistake that can happen for a number of reasons. So, in case you have been wondering “Why does my egg custard go watery?”, then we strongly recommend that you keep on reading the article! Here are all the reasons why this might be happening:  

1. You Might Have Overcooked Certain Parts of the Custard 

One important thing to note about egg custards or eggs, in general, is that they take are usually cooked for longer periods of time. As a result, they tighten up more and end up squeezing out liquids that were found in the protein matrix.  

This often happens when you are waiting for the center part of the custard to cook where the outside might have gotten overcooked. Even after you have successfully removed the custard from the oven, the cooking process continues for some time. This means that the custard might have gotten to this point after you have removed it from the oven. 

If this really is the case, then the following things should help resolve it: 

  • Try reducing the cooking time of the custard. 
  • Use any smaller dish for baking which should make sure the custard’s center part gets cooked. 
  • You can also try using a shallow dish for the same reason as the previous one. 
  • Ensure that you remove the custard from the oven before it is completely cooked. 
  • Try modifying the protein matrix with ingredients like starch or gelatin. 

2. Poor Recipe 

If you have made sure that you aren’t overcooking the egg custard, then the only other reason for the custard to go watery is that you are following a poor recipe. It could also be that you are not correctly following the recipe. In either case, you will have to make sure that you use the correct quantity of ingredients inside the custard and not remove or add anything extra.  

The Bottom Line

Why does egg custard go watery? From following the wrong recipe to ending up overcooking certain bits of the custard, if you do end up getting a watery custard, there’s a clear indication that you might have messed up somewhere. So, in case you want to make yourself the perfect egg custard, be sure to follow the instructions laid out in the article.  

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