5 Reasons Why Are Chinese Fried Chicken Wings Yellow

why are chinese fried chicken wings yellow
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why are chinese fried chicken wings yellow

Who doesn’t like tender and juicy fried chicken wings? The deliciously tendered wings paired with a tasty blend of sauces is one of the go-to dishes especially when you are binge-watching some TV show or a football match. People these days are liking the taste of Chinese style fried chicken wings. Their chicken wings are always yellow or rusty in color. These Chinese fried chicken wings have yellow color mainly because of overnight marinating. There is more to it as well. In this post, we will walk you through some reasons for Chinese fried chicken wings being deeply yellow. Read on.

Is Eating Fried Chicken Wings Unhealthy?

No matter how much you love to eat bowls and bowls of fried chicken wings. You need to know that binge-eating such deep-fried food items are never a healthy choice. Loads of saturated oils, cholesterols, fats, and sodium combine together to give you the artery-wrenching dose of chicken fried wings.

Other than that, wings are just the skin and fat part of your chicken so it pretty much explains why scarfing down loads of fried chicken wings dipped with full of fats sauce can trigger your unhealthy eating habits. You might need to reconsider your healthy habit of eating excessive chicken deep fried wings.

Why Are Chinese Fried Chicken Wings Yellow?

Chine style deep-fried chicken wings seem so yellowish and rusty that they even end up tasting rusted as well. Whoever ate those fried wings wonder why they look so yellow? There are plenty of reasons for your Chinese fried chicken wings to look yellow. Some of the most common ones are here:

1.    Oil Recycling

Oil recycling is one of the constant reason for the fried chicken wings to present that deep yellow and golden color. This is another reason why consuming deep-fried wings is never healthy food habits. The oil in which chicken wings are fried is recycled hundreds of times which is why you see yellowish fried wings and taste a rusted or robust essence.

2.    Sauce Tossing And Overnight Marinating

Before the chicken wings are deep-fried, they are tossed and marinated into a good number of sauces. Sometimes they are marinated for even the whole night which marks your fried chicken wings with solid yellow and golden color.

3.    Butter Spreads:

Chinese style chicken fried wings are usually marinated in a sauce that consists of 50 to 60 percent butter.

Since butter is yellow in appearance, your chicken wings start to look yellow too.

4.    Deep Frying

Deep frying is another main reason for your chicken wings to give a yellowish color and essence. Most of the wings are deep-fried.

5.    Honey

The honey on the fried chicken wings creates a little char. People brush their wings with honey when they are almost fried.

Final Thoughts:

The aforementioned are some reasons why your Chinese style deep-fried chicken wings appear yellow in color.

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