Who Makes Kirkland Cookware? (Answered)

who makes kirkland cookware
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who makes kirkland cookware

With so many cookware brands in the market, it often gets challenging to keep track of the brands. However, choosing suitable cookware also depends on the manufacturers. For this reason, people ask about Kirkland cookware and who makes Kirkland cookware. If you are wondering the same, we are sharing everything you need to know!

Who Makes Kirkland Cookware?

Kirkland Cookware – How Did It All Start?

We all have seen Costco selling the Kirkland cookware as their own brand, but the cookware brand actually started in Thailand. The brand has a long history, and users can get the signature cookware from Costco. Costco is basically the house brand working since 1995, but Kirkland cookware is headed by Craig Jelinek. He is the founder, president, and CEO of Kirkland cookware.

As far as the location is concerned, it’s located in Kirkland, Washington, hence the name. In fact, the signature cookware is designed and produced by Costco (yes, this is the connection). Costco has trademarked the brand and is responsible for selling the cookware. In addition, they have maintained the highest standards of quality.

For the most part, they have an array of cookware options available to meet the different needs of the users. They have all the cookware one needs in the kitchen. For instance, Kirkland offers cast iron cookware, nonstick cookware, and stainless steel cookware. However, their stainless steel cookware is the most popular, while pans and pots are gaining positive feedback.

Their cookware products are available online through eCommerce websites. Kirkland’s stainless steel and hard anodized cookware range is available on Amazon, but other ranges are only available in authentic Costco stores. Moreover, if you purchase from Costco stores, you will get a warranty card, and who knows, you can also get a discount.

Who Makes Kirkland Cookware?

At this point, it is pretty evident that Kirkland cookware is operating under the umbrella of Costco. The company originated from Thailand, and signature cookware is an important brand of Costco. The signature range came out in 1995. To summarize, Costco makes Kirkland cookware, and they maintain the premium quality that lasts for years.

As far as the manufacturing facility is concerned, it is Thailand but can be bought from Costco stores. In addition, the Kirkland cookware is available in various online stores around the globe, so it is readily available. Ever since Kirkland cookware was launched, they have ensured quality and are regularly updating the material and design to provide more value for money.

The Bottom Line

Kirkland cookware is a well-known brand and has been certified by NSE. The majority of their cookware is integrated with stay-cool handles, irrespective of the fact that you purchase premium cookware or affordable cookware. Craig Jelinek launched Kirkland cookware in 1995, and they haven’t turned back since then.

There has always been confusion about who owns Kirkland cookware. To answer that, Costco has the trademark rights, and they manufacture the cookware in Thailand as they have a manufacturing facility there. So, did it clear your confusion about Kirkland cookware?

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