What Is Induction base Pressure Cooker?

What Is Induction Base Pressure Cooker?
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What Is Induction Base Pressure Cooker?

Induction base Pressure Cooker

Without using induction, your food will often either turn out burnt, scorched or even under-cooked. One of the most game-changing elements of a pressure cooker is the induction element. Rather than cooking using a flame as with a normal setting, the induction setting cooks your food by turning the actual base into the source of heat rather than transferring heat to the base of your pressure cooker.

So, is it really better to cook with induction? Yes! However, there are specific ways to cook with induction in order to do it right as well as things to avoid when you are using inductions which we will outline in this article.

The Dos and Don’ts of Induction


  • Slice the aromatics first, then toss them in so that they get perfectly sautéed.
  • In order to make up for the lower cooking temperature, bring the pressure cooker to medium heat or add a few minutes to the cooking time.
  • Adjust the heat temperature in the first five minutes to make sure that it is perfect.
  • Use the timer feature so that you don’t burn your food.


  • Don’t pre-heat your pressure cooker because it will become too hot and burn your food.
  • Do not use the induction method on a high heat setting. Instead, start it on medium heat and adjust it to your food.
  • Don’t leave your food in the pressure cooker at the very beginning. Stay to monitor the heat first.

How Does Induction Work?

Rather than working with a flame and heat transfer as a normal pressure cooker setting does, induction used electricity. The electric current is running through a copper coil that can be found under the base of the cooker. From there, the electric current travels through the base and heats up to the pot. This heat is then transferred to the food, making the perfectly cooked meal.

The Benefits of Using Induction

There are many benefits of using induction rather than a flame for heat. Some of these benefits include:

  • Speed: The speed at which food can be cooked with induction is one of the biggest benefits. Not only is the food cooked better, but it also cooked much faster.
  • Saves Energy: Because gas takes so much energy, using electricity through induction is much more efficient. The heat is much more easily transferred to the food, thus saving energy.
  • Safety: Using induction is often safer than the alternative because there is no flame involved. Instead, the heat is just generated through electricity, thus making it safer.
  • Easier to Control: It is also much easier to control the heat generated through electricity than it is to control heat through a flame. You can adjust the settings to where it cooks perfectly rather than having to fuss with burnt food.


Overall, rather than using a normal cooking setting on a pressure cooker, induction cooking will save your food and make all of your meals taste so much better than before. You just have to learn how to use it, then your stomach will be thanking you.


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