Weber Q Not Lighting All The Way: 3 Fixes

weber q not lighting all the way
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weber q not lighting all the way

If you are reading this, we are pretty sure that you are a griller and love grilled food. Well, that’s why you are using the grills, right? That being said, Weber grills are incredibly famous since they have high-performance features. On the other hand, Weber Q not lighting all the way is disturbing some users. So, let’s see how it can be resolved!

Weber Q Not Lighting All The Way

1) Fuel Level

When the grill is not lighting up all the way, the users need to keep in mind the fuel level. This is because the flame and heat are the outcomes of fuel level. For this reason, you need to check the fuel level. Since the Weber Q grill is the gas grill, you need to check the propane tank. When you maximize the fuel level, we are sure that it will light up. However, if the issue still persists, check the next troubleshooting method!

2) Burners

In some cases, the grill will not light up if the burner is not clean or has malfunctioned. For this purpose, you must take out the flavor bars and cooking grates. Once the grates and bars are out, you need to check the burners and make sure it doesn’t have corrosion or clogging with the food debris. This is because the holes need regular cleaning to make sure it keeps working.

So, clean up the burners and try again. On the other hand, if the lighting issue is still there, you need to replace the burners. The burners must be replaced by official Weber technical support. That being said, get the burners replaced. Also, we would like to point out that spider screens must be checked and ensure nothing is blocking the screen.

3) Bypass Mode

In particular, bypass mode is set with the gas regulator. The bypass mode is very common with Weber grills and can impact the lighting issue. It occurs when the gas regulator detects the gas leaks or perceives that there is a gas leak. This is because the gas regulator tends to compare the pressure difference between hose’s gas and tank’s gas.

In case the pressure is equal on both ends, the gas flow will be streamlined whenever the control knobs are opened. On the other hand, in case the gas regulator identifies lower pressure in one of either part, it will shift into the bypass mode. That being said, bypass mode will reduce the gas flow. For this reason, you will need to fix the gas leaks, and the lighting issue will be resolved.

Secondly, there are chances that you have accidentally switched on the bypass mode. This is because if you open the burner control knob before opening the valve of the tank, the bypass mode will be switched on. That being said, you should always switch on the control knobs after you have opened the tank’s valve. Similarly, let the grill equalize first, and light the grill!

The bottom line is that these troubleshooting methods must resolve the issue. In case it still persists, you can call Weber’s customer support at 800-446-1071 for better assistance!

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