How To Get Rid OF Weber Grill Rust Problem?

weber grill rust problem
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weber grill rust problem

Grills are one of the most important household appliances for everyone who likes grilling food and vegetables to add a smoky aroma. For this reason, people opt for Weber grills but the Weber grill rust problem is a serious issue. To help you out on the matter, we are sharing the details below!

Weber Grill Rust Problem

Weber’s Warranty Of Rust

Weber offers the rust warranty guarantee to the grills that corrode. This means that the warranty will not cover the surface rust. For the most part, the surface rust is visible on the welded joints can be removed with the help of non-acidic oils. In addition to non-acidic oils, you can use Weber’s cleaning products to clean off the rust. On the other hand, if you identify corrosion due to rust and you have been using the suggested usage instructions according to the manual, you can opt for a warranty claim and Weber will rectify the rust problem.

Taking Care Of Rusted Weber Grill

When it comes down to grills, you need to be careful about their handling and maintenance to increase the lifespan (and to be eligible for a warranty, of course). Having said that, when you first see surface rust, discoloration, and stains, it is important to use the stainless steel cleaner to remove rust. In addition, Weber has a stainless steel polish that helps preserve the shine of the grill. The users need to use the polish every week to ensure the appearance of the grill is retained.

If you reside in the coastal areas or have installed the grill near a pool, you have to work on regular maintenance. For this purpose, you need to wash the grills regularly and rinse the exterior surfaces as mentioned in the grill manual or guide. Keep in mind that if you are quick to identify the rust or similar stains, it will be easier to clean them up. There are instances when one lets the grill be and postpones the cleaning but it can worsen the rust situation.

As far as the safety of the grill is concerned, it is fine to leave it on the patio because the Weber grills are designed to tolerate the regular weather conditions, which is the prime reason Weber offers the enamel and rust guarantee. On the other hand, the Weber warranty program doesn’t cover surface rust because it can be removed easily. Secondly, it is suggested to opt for a grill cover as it helps retain the appearance of your grill. For this reason, it’s better that you cover the grill every time you use it but wait for it to cool down (it doesn’t lead to rusting but offers protection).

Since Weber grills are made from stainless steel, they will not rust as conventional steel. As far as using the rusted grill is concerned, it’s not suggested, especially if the grill has loose rust. This is because loose rust can stick to the food. On the contrary, if the grill grates have minor rust, it’s best to clean with a grill cleaner before you cook food on it.

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