Propane Tank Valve Stuck: 3 Ways To Fix

propane tank valve stuck
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propane tank valve stuck

Every kitchen uses propane tanks. Even if not the kitchen, propane tanks are essential in every home where people are fond of grilling and BBQ. One might think that using the propane tank is easy, but it can be pretty complicated if you are a beginner. That’s to say because users have propane tank valve stuck issue going in. With this article, we are sharing how a stuck valve can be fixed.

Propane Tank Valve Stuck

When it comes down to fixing the stuck valve, dislodging it can be pretty complicated because you’ve to ensure that you aren’t damaging the handle. Generally, these valves get stuck because of excessive tightening, formation of rust, and external components restricting the movement of the valve. Generally, the propane tanks tend to be combustible which means it has to be stored and handled safely. Now, if you want to fix the stuck valve on the propane tank, you can follow the instructions mentioned below;

  • First of all, you have to place the propane tank on a flat and steady surface. You need to ensure that you are placing the propane tank in the cool and dry area. In addition, you have to inspect the tank for leaks and other damages to ensure it won’t burst up
  • Once you’ve ensured all these perquisites, you need to wrap around the rubber band on the valve’s edge because it helps improve the grip on the valve (the stuck one). Then, twist the stuck valve firmly with hand for dislodging it
  • The third step is to spray the grease or lubricant on the valve’s shaft. Once sprayed with lubricant, you have to jiggle this stuck valve for loosening it up a bit (back and forth movement is suggested). Then, try to twist the valve for opening it up again
  • The last step is to grip the valve’s edge with the pliers and twist the valve in the anticlockwise direction for opening it up. We suggest that you don’t apply excessive pressure because it can lead to breaking of the valve

1) Rust

If the valve of the propane tank is stuck due to rust, there are chances that you will need to use anti-rust sprays. For the most part, rust can cause jamming of the valve. There are various anti-rust, or rust removal sprays available in the market, so you can buy any of them. Once you buy the rust removal sprays, spray them on the stuck valve and let it sit there for some time (or just read the directions on the spray bottle). After some time, use the clean piece of cloth to clean away the rust and try moving the valve again. In some cases, you might have to spray the rust removal spray multiple times to remove the rust completely. So, try the sprays and try moving the valve.

2) External Components

We have already mentioned that the valve of the propane tank can get stuck when some external component is stuck in the valve. For instance, it could be a small piece of rock or a metal piece. So, if you want to ensure that the valve isn’t stuck, you have to inspect the valve of the propane tank. If you find some external component stuck in the valve, you need to remove them to ensure the valve isn’t stuck anymore. However, you have to be extremely precise and careful while removing external components from the valve. For instance, you can use pliers with small beaks because they are extremely precise.

3) Excessive Tightening

We understand that people want to be safe around propane tanks. For this reason, people often tighten up the valve too much, and it might be the reason why the valve is stuck. That being said, if you tightened up the valve too much and didn’t use the tank for a long time, it will result in a stuck valve. If that’s the case, just spray some lubricant on the valve and jiggle up the valve. We are certain that adding the lubricant will loosen up the valve.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be playing or experimenting with propane tanks because they can be combustible. So, whenever you are trying to fix the stuck valve, be extremely careful. Lastly, you can always call the professionals to help you!

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