Propane Tank Valve Stuck: 4 Ways To Fix

Propane Tank Valve Stuck
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Propane Tank Valve Stuck

A propane tank is essential for households that use gas ovens and stoves. It is connected with the grills, thanks to its even heating performance. In addition, propane tanks are cost-efficient and offer better heat control.

Propane tanks come with a valve that helps control the gas. If the valve is stuck, you won’t be able to control the inflow of gas to the cooking range or grill. In this article, we intend to discuss some fixes for a stuck propane tank valve.

Propane Tank Valve Stuck

  1. Lubricant

Lubricant is one of the easiest ways of loosening up the valve. The lubricants help free up the stuck valve by reducing friction between different metal parts. This is because there are volatile components in the lubricant.

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In addition, the lubricants evaporate pretty quickly and leave behind a residual film all over the valve, which makes sure the valve is moist and moves freely. When you apply the lubricant, let it set for two minutes, and then shake the valve to loosen it up.

In particular, you can use WD40 to lubricate the valve. However, put the propane tank on a steady and leveled surface before applying the lubricant.

  1. Pliers

If using lubricant doesn’t work, you can force open the valves with the help of pliers or a wrench.

For this purpose, you have to grip the valve’s edge with pliers tightly and twist it in a counterclockwise direction to open the valve. However, you must apply the pressure gently because excessive pressure can lead to valve breakage.

  1. Remove Rust

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In most cases, the valve becomes stuck because of rust formation in the connecting point of the valve. If the rust is in the early stages, make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove the rust.

For this purpose, you will have to apply this mixture to the rusted area, let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes, and use steel wool to scrub off the rust. When the rust is removed, we recommend applying penetrating oil.

It helps disperse water from the surface it’s applied to and creates a non-conductive film once it dries out. As a result, the valve will be easier to rotate.

In fact, the penetrating liquids can cut rust because it works as a solvent cleaner, and the oils dissolve the rust particles that cause jamming. However, if you are unable to clean the rust, it’s better to get the valve replaced.

  1. Reset

If the safety valve is stuck, you can reset it to make sure it works properly. If you don’t know how to reset it, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Turn off the propane tank and disconnect it from the grill or cooking range
  2. Twist the cooking range or grill’s gas valves to the highest setting
  3. Turn the grill’s gas valve in the “off” setting and turn off everything else
  4. Now, connect your propane tank to the cooking range or grill and switch on the valve

As a result, the safety valve will be reset, so only do it when the safety valve is stuck or isn’t calibrated properly.

Preventing the Valve From Getting Stuck

There are various precautionary measures that you can take to avoid the dislodged and stuck valve, such as;

  • Never twist the valve too tightly. This is because some people close the valve too tightly after the refill, which makes it impossible to open. So, shut the valve tight to an extent where it doesn’t cause a gas leak.
  • When you refill the propane tank or get a new one, hit the bottom of the propane tank on the ground twice. It helps loosen up the valve for easier movement.
  • Do not open the valve too quickly as it can make the valve jammed the next time you open it. Ideally, you should test the water and open the valve gradually.
  • Don’t put the propane tank under direct sunlight because tank overheating will cause a valve lockout. This is because too much sunlight heats up the propane tank and builds pressure, which prevents the valve from rotating.

Propane Tank Valve - Grill
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The Bottom Line

The propane tank valve must be open at all times, as a stuck valve will not allow you to control the gas flow to the  cooking range or grill. The solutions mentioned in this article will help free up the valve. However, if nothing works, you can take the propane tank to a dealer for more help.

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