How To Cook On A Glass Top Stove?

how to cook on a glass top stove
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how to cook on a glass top stove

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been the kitchen-hater all your life because, at a certain age, you have to step and wear the chef hat. With this being said, you will be met with the stoves and kitchenware you knew nothing about. So, if you stepped into the kitchen only to find a very glossy kitchen stove, you are in for a ride. This is because that’s the glass-top stove and if you are a beginner, let us tell you how to cook on a glass-top stove!

How To Cook On A Glass Top Stove?

When it comes down to cooking on a glass-top stove, we are pretty sure that you are finding it glamorous, but you need to be equally patient with that. That’s to say because these stoves take an extended time to heat the pan at your desired temperature. Even more, we are pretty sure that no one gets as much control on temperature as needed with these glass-top stoves.

Similarly, you cannot scratch the glass of these stoves. This is because it can be pretty tedious to clean these glass-top stoves. For instance, you need to let the cleaner do its magic for some minutes and scrape off the dried parts. Even then, you will need to wipe off the cleaner, which makes it a lengthy cleaning process.

As far as the cooking is concerned, you need to use special cookware because only Range will suffice to the high standards of these stoves. We are saying this because such cookware is designed to be used on such surfaces. In the same vein, you need to stick to the heavyweight or medium cookware. Similarly, you need the pans with a flat bottom.

The flat bottoms tend to touch the glass-top stove, which promises ample and efficient heat transfer. As for people questioning if they can use the cast-iron cookware on the glass-top stoves, it is not encouraged. Similarly, make sure to stay away from the stoneware or ceramic since it can scratch the glass-top.

If you have the pans and skillets with rounded edge bottoms, throw them out because they will only promise flop heat transfer. In addition, if the cookware is not completely flat, heat tends to build up between the stove and pan, which can crack the glass-top. Also, you need to be extremely mindful about the weight because glass-top stoves can only offer support for 50lbs.

Cooking With Glazed Pans

Many people are considering using the non-stick and similarly glazed pans to use on the glass-top stove, but they aren’t sure about this. So, you can use the non-stick cookware with hard-anodized aluminum coating. In addition, you can use the stainless steel cookware as long as it has a copper bottom because it’s a safe and affordable choice.

As far as the dragging is concerned, make sure only to lift off the cookware, pans, and pots because dragging can lead to scratches and impact the gloss. In addition, if you are cooking desserts or boiling something with sugar content, make sure not to spill it on the glass-top stove because it can lead to yellow marks on the surface (impossible to clean!). So, this is how you cook on glass-top stoves; it surely requires patience, dedication, and special cookware.

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  1. I would never have purchased one of these stoves but, unfortunately, the Senior Center I’ve moved to did. Every apartment is So equipped. Of course every piece of cookware I own is not recommended for use on these cooktops.

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